300 RWHP with stock heads and cam

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  1. /\ You should advise them to fix their dyno.
  2. Wow if this is true, thats impressive. Our GT40P, 11 second car only put down 292!
  3. Tell us more about the head's specifics and flow (who did them too) and the cam.
    I'd love to see the dyno curve if that is possible also. That is about the most I've seen claimed from a non-pro race engine.
  4. I have a Thumper/T-Moss combo with a stock cam and 1.7 RR's ,custom exhaust with cats 65mm TB and an 80mm MAF and power pipe. Never had it dynoed yet but I think I have 300 at the flywheel!
  5. I'm thinking it's a carb motor.

    I made 262rwhp 328rwtq with Thumpers, Performer RPM intake and a .545/.545 218/224 114 cam through an AOD. It still had a/c and the stock fan too.
  6. High speed stall?
  7. 3500 stall
  8. They rob you of HP on a dyno.
  9. but they make you hole-shot and ET real nice.........that's why dyno testing for an auto is all about A/F - take it to the track for the real numbers imo.
  11. Agree'd 100% :nice: I have a 2800 Precision Industries!!
  12. I know that this is an old post but I have to disagree. Athough I have the 88 GT stang which is stock 220hp, with my MSD setup with very bad, need to be replaced, falling plug wires, and my TFS Stage II Cam, I made barely over 300hp. That was just replacing my spark plugs. I can't wait to see the restored power after replacing cap and roter and new wires.

    Oh yeah, I am running a Holley 600 Carb
  13. What do you have for heads/intake??
  14. Stock GT-40 Explorer heads, Torker II manifold, all I did was replace the springs with stronger ones made for that cam and did timing.

    I'll be moving to a Victor Jr. Soon

  15. The part above is what made me respond... not being mean or anything, just saying
  16. Getting 300rwhp in peak numbers is much easier with a carb setup........but they don't have the bottom-mid range that an EFI does - and the EFI suffers peak numbers as a trade off. Can't compare EFI to carb, apples and oranges.
  17. Also a GT40 head will make more power than an E7. My dads GT40 combo made great power and might even make more in my brothers daily driver (was doing 292 on a 100 degree humid day). I agree the curve is more important than the peak numbers!
  18. I agree with you both...

    It's funny how millions of people will tell me no no it won't work because you have to do this, and do that and blah blah blah <-- that point means I can give a crap LOLOL

    I bought the stuff and it worked so hmm LOL. I believe power is all about what you add to the car and not trying to overdo it. Like the cam situtation. Pople told me I have to buy a stall converter... (I HAVE A FREAKIN 5 SPEED DUMBO!!!). Then others say that I have to buy heads because stock heads or gt-40 heads won't work with a Stage 2 tFS cam.... WHAT1!!!!??? Well at least I wasn't the one who bought a mustang and put skinnies on the back and big meaty tires on the front LOL
  19. Damn those heads were WORKED! A friend of mine did a set of e7s not that long ago and could only get them up to 220. Don't get me wrong that has potential for a stout 302. Do you have any idea how much money it cost to port them out to that extreme?

    That actually folowd better than my out of the box Performer RPM heads (6025). They only flowed 215-220.