300 RWHP with stock heads and cam

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 91notchbk, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. The peak HP/TQ numbers are impressive enough by themselves but what puts the icing on the cake is the torque spread (300+rwtq from 2700-5200rpm).
  2. Hey guys Iam new to the mustang game And I wanted to know if I got my stock heads and upper and lower manifold ported would it make a diffrence I have an 89 lx 5.0 hatchback Iam trying to resurect her back to her foxy glory
  3. You'd be better off getting an Explorer heads/intake/throttle body than doing that............
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  4. Thanks brotha now Iam out here in California if I switch out to the gt40 heads and intake wouldit be hard to pass smog with those parts???
  5. if you use emissions GT40 heads, it should pass like stock if your cats are good
  6. I made 301/330 with AFR 165's (58cc chambers) free typhoon intake, TFS #1 cam, 73mm C&L, 24's and long tubes.

    I'm currently 600 miles deep on new combo, fti custom cam w upgraded springs, rpm 2 intake, 80mm pro m. I can tell it's got more power, I'm hoping 330 rwhp 301 tq this time lol, no seriously.
  7. What size throttle body and on a side note, what brand?
  8. Still 65mm TB that I picked up long ago, pretty sure it's a ford piece