3000 Posts, I Must Like You Guys...

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  1. Just thought I'd make a big deal for hitting 3000 posts. Been around for quite some time, but been alot more active of late, so :rock:
  2. Charlie-Sheen-Winning1.jpg

    lol.... congrats. can you trade them in like Chucky Cheeze tokens? That would be cool.
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  3. Screw you guys. I don't like any of ya...

    So get off my lawn! :fuss:

  4. Now noobz, don't be such a grumpy ol fart, we all know otherwise

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  5. Congrats. I remember my 3000th post so well...
  6. And one more just to round off my tally :)
  7. Show off....
  8. I need only 2806 more :eek:

    and only 20,306 to catch Mustang5L5 :drool:
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  9. bet you cant do it in a week!

  10. Uh oh.... What's the bet?
  11. I love a good bet
  12. Absolutely NOT :doh: .......you sound like the guy from this past weekend, who comes up to me leaning all in my engine bay and says "Hey I'll race you anytime."
    I turn my head and say "What cha got?" he says "a 911 turbo."
    I turn back to what I was doing and say "Bet you would guy, bet you would.":spit:
  13. One day I'm gonna have 3000 posts, too. One day...
  14. Haha how is it that you don't? You've been here forever.

  15. Take him down! :riot:
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  16. pink slip race
  17. porshe.jpg

    And the Porsche WINS!!!!

    Let the Sh*t storm begin:jester:
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