3000GT stock with 240HP, N/A...?

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  1. I was talking to some kid today and was talking to him about his 300GT. He said it had 240 HP to the wheels stock, and he would roast me... Do they really have that much hp? I am seriously doubting it.
  2. Nope, they have 222hp at the flywheel stock. The kid is a moron.
  3. A VR-4 has 320hp at the flywheel.
  4. True but BAB said NA. The VR-4 was the twin turbo version.
  5. I bet a VR-4 would put down about 280ish stock, but since this it the land barge WITHOUT turbos or AWD, he probably puts down 180. Oh, and his car is a barge, like I said. 3263lbs., 218hp, 205ftlbs, FWD??? according to Edmunds.com for a 1997. I'd say its close. He definately won't beat you bad if he even does.
  6. he'd probably still win
    Horsepower 222 @ 6400 RPM
    Torque 217 @ 4000 RPM

    the TT ones would probably give MKIV supras some trouble
    Horsepower 320 @ 6000 RPM
    Torque 315 @ 2500 RPM !!!! nice low end!
  7. you guys have obviously not driven many fwd's that power may seem like alot but it's really not with a high reving fwd motor
  8. i had a 91 subaru legacy non turbo and only fwd and it has a 2.2 boxer engine. that thing ran like the wind. it was an auto which sucked but it would still get up and go. and leave any honda behind that i encountered. i once got the idea to try a burnout so i locked the E brakes and put it in drive and stomped it. the tires started roasting and smoke started coming through the vents and over the windows. i let off the brake and it spun for about 15-20 feet and took off. it was like a drag burnout. anyway it had 135 HP but not sure of the torque. it was a fast revving boxer
  9. you are also talking about the NA v6 model tey also have another lower level.... my friend has it its 160hp version.~
  10. The VR-4's are complete and total bada$$ in my opinion. Had a chance to drive one.......they're a trip, especially 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd gears........

    as far as the NA models........dunno......I just love the sound of the blow off valve :)
  11. 3000gt

    the 3000gt would definately smoke a v6 mustang. Sure its a lil heavy, but its got more than enough power.
  12. the V6 3.0s are dogs my friend has one with a veil side kit and bolt ons he cant run better than 11s in the 8th mile lol
  13. i witnesed a race between a 95 Mustang GT and a vr-4 . both drivers suck hardcore the mustang missed 4th gear and lossed to the vr-4 but not by very much at all and i ended up passing both of them lol.
  14. We call that the ricer fly by :nonono:
  15. Only if he says he beat them. :rolleyes:
    He said he "passed them" so it could go either way.
  16. i was behind them watching them race (i know the kids) when they took off i just passed both of them while they were racing. both kids couldnt drive for crap so it wasnt a ricer flyby if im blowing by them while there still racing.but they both suck and i cant stand neither of them.