300HP? Thats It...Whats wrong with Ford

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  1. I am a total fan of the Mustang and am in love with the new body style but why couldn't they come up with more than 300HP. You can buy a Chrysler 300c or a Dodge StationWagon with 340HP. Jaguar even has a lighter 4.4L motor producing 300HP. Ford needs a major option like the all Aluminum Big Block from Chevy in the 60s (the option cost more than the car). I want a muscle car with real muscle. Ford came really close with this version but dropped the ball on the motor.
  2. When you think about it, Ford has always marketed towards making the car affordable. There's no other V8 car out there for $25,000 MSRP. They don't seem to flex corporate muscle with powerful engines, they mostly care about money in which is why they're in business for in my opinion. The cheaper it is, the more people will buy it and the more money they make and people still love their Mustangs.

    By the way, Jaguar is owned by Ford.
  3. No they didn't. If you want more power, why not just wait for the SVT? 300 hp is about what the Cobra had in '96-'98. They're not going to give you everything in the first model - they have cars to sell later as well. :D

    Look at that ridiculous (but cool) Chevy SSR truck. It came with the 5.3 V8 initially, and now that everyone who wanted one has one they offer it with the LS2 6 liter. :rlaugh:

    It's all marketing... Be patient.
  4. Geez, what a way to introduce yourself to the forums; make a whiney post bashing the very thing the forum is dedicated to. Here, let me break it down for you:

    Ford Mustang GT (300HP): Base model MSRP $24,995
    Dodge Magnum R/T (340HP): Base model MSRP $30,695
    Chrysler 300C (340HP): Base model MSRP $33,720

    So if you want to spend an additional $6,000 - $9,000 on an extra 40HP then you go right ahead!
  5. your dogde station wagon is a PIG. its slow bulky and fugly. where as a new mustang is the opposite. even with only 300hp it still manages to post better performance numbers. simply becuase there is more to a muscle car that HP. a big block chevelle or road runner will get its azz handed to it by a slightly modified 65-66 mustang. simply because 300hp in a 2500lb car is a better hp/wt ratio then 400hp to 4500lbs. please consider every aspect of what makes a car a good performer not just HP.
  6. Yeah, but first they have to unload the 301 day supply of LS1 powered SSRs they have in stock. :rlaugh:
  7. The two negatives are missing my point that Ford came short of perfect when they only gave us 300HP as an option. Money is not an option if you are a true fanatic, given that a restores 69 Mach1 would cost more than a new model so why are we talking prices. I have always driven Ford, always loved the Mustang, and will never drive a GM. My point is that GM is pushing the bigger HP numbers when it comes to bringing back the muscle car. I understand more about performance than you could ever dream so don't bash who you don't know. Assumptions are usually brought about by inadequate individuals looking to improve their own self esteem by basjing others. The forum specificallly states no bashing so settle down folks. Forums are here for discussion and I am only stating that I want to see a better option with more horsepower, available to every dealership.
  8. Some people tend to draw the incorrect conclusion that the GT is the end-all-be-all of Mustang performance and say "Only 300HP?" They need to get a grip and realize this is the entry-level V8 that only costs $25K (MSRP). The cars mentioned above aren't even in the same class as the GT. They're big, heavy family sedans or wagons (300C and Magnum) or expensive luxury cars (Jaguar) and they're also more expensive. There will be more potent versions of Mustang coming. Just be patient.
  9. The Magnum should not be compared to the GT, it's not apples to apples and never will be. The cars were designed for completely different duties. The mustang goes after the same crowd it always has, the Magnum is targeted at people (specifically guys) that are into performance cars, need a daily driver family hauler, and want something with a little more attitude than an SUV or an import wagon. It was never meant to be a road course demon or a stop light monster, as much as the tv ads try to convince people otherwise. The car is large, I don't know if I'd say bulky. I've driven it, it handles batter than I expected, especially for it's size and weight, and the brakes are probably the best I've ever felt in an affordable mainstream American car (havent driven the mustang yet, so we'll see). I don't like the automatic, and the lack of an available manual is really the only sore point I have about the car, I think DC missed the mark there considering their target demographic. The styling and looks are a matter of taste, it is different. Not surprisingly, I've found people love it (I do) or hate it, very few in the middle. The price puts it all away, they are in drastically different classes, and this difference will get worse when the AWD version of the Magnum rolls out later in the year.
  10. How is GM bringing back the muscle car again? Ok so cadillac has some nice new rear drive sedans, but I can not afford one. Yeah 400hp in the CTS-V is cool but at $45,000 plus thats out of my price range. Oh and wow look the Grand Prix gets a V-8, oh but its front drive with a 4-speed auto. And lets not get into the poor excuse for a GTO, and yes it too has 400hp but that is only because the LS-1 is out of production and the new LS-2 is available. Well that and they have a 90 day supply because no one will by them. The down and dirty facts are that the mustang is the cheapest thing going with v-8 power, the nearest cars I can see in its price range are the new cobalt SS, the SRT-4, base model 350Z, hell the GTO starts where the mustang tops out. Like it has been said before, just wait the high horsepower mustangs are comming.
  11. You could always take the money savings and apply towards power upgrades tailored towards how you want the car setup. These cars will have a huge aftermarket parts offering very soon, they have a lot of potential IMO.
  12. Again my point is why wait, why doesn't ford give us all the options like the other major manufacturers.
  13. :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:
    If you were the expert you claim to be you would recognize that the reason the Mustang has been around for 40+ years is that it is flexible and can be tailored to the owners desires. The Camaro died because it was inflexible. The Ford Mustang is the only "Muscle" car that has stood the test of time. Ford have their share of flaws, but marketing is one of their strong points.
    As several of the previous posts have stated, if you want bigger horsepower, wait for the Mach /Boss or the Cobra. But being the expert you claim to be I'm sure you recognize that these models are not what keeps the nameplate alive, it's actually the 6 cylinder sales (Over 60% of Mustangs sold). If Ford were to opt for these bigger engines they would eventually price themselves out of their target audience.
    Don't act like you are an expert, stir the pot, and then criticize people for flamespraying you. :nono: :stick: :flame:

  14. I concur, and move to strike. :stick:

    :D I'll take my Mustang, the extra 9K, get new wheels, tires, exhaust, CAI, well over 40 HP and sill have money for the Seinfeld DVDs. :banana:
  15. Because they used alot of resources just getting the Mustang to market. Now that it's out, they'll use those resources to produce the special editions and the Cobra. Contrary to what you might think, they just can't do it all at once. These things have to be done in stages.

    What options are you referring to? With the GTO, the one V8 is the only engine available. The Magnum or 300C, you have a couple V6s (which I think are too weak for the weight of the cars) or the Hemi. Again, where are the options you speak of?
  16. Besides guys we are seeing 280+RWHP dynos on stock M5 GT’s. That would indicate hp levels of roughly 330fwhp. So Ford underrated these cars and we know it’s as simple as a tune to get these cars at or very close to 300 RWHP without doing anything else.
  17. Ask Ford how many Mustangs they sell and ask Chevy how many Corvettes they sell and see who makes more money :flag:

    Ford doesn't need to lift a finger, and people will still buy Mustang. If you want power, there's lots of room for customization. Do it to your own tastes.
  18. Whats cool about the current sales (although it’s only been about 8 weeks of them) is that 45% of the units sold so far have been the GT. Ford from what I have heard is having trouble keeping up with the GT model orders!!!
  19. nortcheez, you have 3 posts. i do not know how this translates into you having infinite knowledge of performace muscle cars, bust since you must know more than i do i will listen to your every word as gospel. for you information the 300hp 4.6L engine is the most powerful engine to ever be offered in the Mustang GT. I for one will be happy when i get my car and do not buy a Mustang solely on performance. Hopefully Ford will make a SE mustang with lots of power for those that want it. for 25k i'll gladly settle for a GT with 300hp.
  20. What other comparibly equipped car out there with a 300 hp V8 costs only @25K?