300HP? Thats It...Whats wrong with Ford

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  1. You don't have to bash him for his opinion, and this is not the first time someone has had this complaint.

    I agree that in this day and age of increasing horsepower they went too low - you shouldn't have to bolt on and void your warranty to keep up. As already been pointed out, it is all about cost with Ford, and I think we all undertand that they have to save room for the cobra.

    That still doesn't change the fact that it is disappointing for some who who want and can afford more out of the box. 300 hp may be plenty for most, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Some want the best mustang possible - not the best mustang $25,000 can buy.
  2. Man people are spoiled these days.

    Was it not seven years ago that the base gt had a whopping 225 hp?
  3. Like you said, they have the SVT Cobra for those types.

    Ford could have easily just carried over the old iron 260 hp 2V for the first couple of years, and then added the aluminum 3V. But instead, they have made the most powerful GT ever, with an all-aluminum 3V, complete with VCT and cool magnesium valve covers(not plastic). They did a great job!

    And, by all indications so far, it seems like this engine might be a little under-rated and definitely seems to respond well to minor mods. I look for this engine to swell to around 325 hp eventually, but probably not for a while.

    Get over it already, you're not getting 400 hp in the GT! :nonono:
  4. Riiiiight... do you actually work for a living? That is part of the appeal of the Mustang that it is a $25K that is cool as well. Not all Mach 1's were terrors on the street, they had some fairly lame engine choices (351 2v).

    What would be the "perfect" HP level that Ford should have offered at what price?

    300HP is a very strong motor for the GT. I have no doubt that within a year or so you will see a '06 Mach 1 or Boss added in the lineup with more power (maybe a 5.4 3V), then you have the SVT coming in '07 or so.
  5. Need more power?? Get a Kenne Bell for it!
    Or just wait for the cobra..

    The new Mustang will have a different engine option offered in the future...Cobra, Mach/boss,

    Its only been out for a couple of months..Give em a break!

    Besides that..Ford isnt having a problem selling GT's...They are hard to find on a lot!

  6. You do realize Ford owns Jaguar right?
  7. Oh man I don't even know how to begin. But how about this. Can anyone figure out how many times this has been debated? Have we reached the billionth page of this same debate in the last 4000 threads about this topic? Maybe a moderator can do a new sticky about the complaint department. Kind of like what we had a while back. Then when someone thinks it should be powered by an engine from $32k (base) car. We can be free to debate it or not. But at least everyone who can't find another example of a complaint thread won't take up more space on the servers.
  8. Good question, I wondered that myself. I assume it was a Dynojet because they normally clarify the fact when a Mustang Dyno is used. But, they didn’t specifically state which one…
  9. Agreed, this thread is wasted space. Just more of the same bullchit arguing that's been going on for the past 6 months about this new car.
  10. Talk about trivial complaining. Taking up too much space on the server? :rolleyes: Are they backing up this stuff on 720k 5.25" floppy disks? :rlaugh:
    Nobody forced you to read the thread. If don't want to debate about it, then...umm....DON'T! It's not that hard...see that little "X" in the upper righthand corner of the window? click that. Problem solved.

  11. The magnum r/t with its 340 horses only gets to 60 in 6.1 seconds 1/4 mile [email protected] mph, 300 ft. skid pad .78 (Stats are from Jan. 05 C&D.)

    So like maniacmustangman said if you want to pay more money for less performance go right ahead.

    I know this is apples to oranges but you chose to throw the magnum R/T
    into the mix.

    Im not trying to flame you just wanted to show you that the magnum isnt the performer the advertisments show it to be.
  12. Umm i think you miss the point of the mustang. The mustang is 25k so most can afford it. If it were any more expensive I know i personally couldn't afford nor would thousands of others. If he wants more power from a mustang for more money, then he can wait for the mustang thar fullfills that need, cobra. It's not that he doesn't have a right to an opinion but if you can't back up your opinion with some reasonable logic than it's pretty worthless. Fact is, is that this is the fastest gt made to date so i don't really see the complaint.
  13. I own a 300c (same as the magnum). I like how the worst mag test of the car is used, when it is documented in two different magazines, with two different cars that did low 14's at 101 mph. (Man I hate magazine racing, but I am not taking my 300c to the track..and I don't think anyone else has or will). Funny how 101 MPH is slow here, but when it is with the new 2005 Mustang, it is fast.

    Reason why the 300c is so slow (relativly) is because of the gear ratio it has in it. 2.82's, meaning 2nd gear is up to 72 or 76 (can't remember, don't normally beat the car like that) and third is over 120 (from what I remember reading about). On the highway, the car will be nose to nose with a stock 2005 Mustang GT.

    But they are not in comparison, just pointing out how they are not slow at all.
  14. Agreed, I'm in the same boat. Exactly why I'm not waiting for the Cobra to come out, I couldn't afford it anyway. Plus the 300hp that the GT offers more than meets my needs right now. If in the future I find I want more power, then aftermarket here I come.
  15. If you get the 2005 Mustang, shoot me a PM (since you probably live five-ten minutes from my house). I would love to see one since I have yet to see a GT, only multiple V6's.

  16. For the record I like the 300c. its a very nice car. Love the roof line looks like its choped. gives it an agresive look, and the grill looks tough too, I here there coming out w/ a 425 HP version soon. if I was in the market for a 4 dr car I would more than likely get a 300c.

    I used the C&D times cause thats the only mag. I had with the magnums stats in it. I wasnt bashing your car as much as I was defending the mustang.
    keep in mind I feel the same way about mustangs as you do about your 300c or the GM guys about their camaros/GTO's.

    I was replying to the "ford got it wrong guy"

    I also agree with you theese cars are not in the same class( Mustang vs. Magnums/300c) Apples to oranges.

    Enjoy your 300c as i will enjoy my mustang...when it finally gets here LOL.

    peace. :flag:
  17. I love the 300C. MUCH better than last gen.
  18. Also, don't forget, the Magnum may have 340 horse, but it's throwing down 390 torque, and on the street torque is king. It's the lame automatic it has and the beat rear end thats holding it back.

    There are rumors that Dodge will be putting out an SRT version of the Magnum at some point. Hopefully, they will be smart and offer a 6 speed stick and a better rear end ratio than the 2.82. If that happens, and they bump the power a little more, which isn't a stretch to imagine, then the picture could get quite different. But by then the Cobra will be out....
  19. It'll be awhile, but sure, no problem!
  20. I own a Camaro, too :banana:

    (have had 2 camaros, family has had a combined total of 18 mustangs..the family doesn't like me that much right now)
    There will be a 425 HP 300c, called the SRT-8, bored out to a 6.1. It will be about 45,000 dollars.