300HP? Thats It...Whats wrong with Ford

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  1. Excellent! I hate Fullerton, so I won't be able to go there to even look at one (they also hate me)
  3. Wow, I bought my last two Jeeps there, haven't had any real problems with them. I was planning on getting my GT there to. Mind if I ask what happened to make you hate them?
  5. Wow, an IROC Z28 is considered old school now? I must be getting old. :nonono:

    I've owned a few products from the general over the years, but I didn't want to admit that on this board.
  6. LOL! the IROQ was made in the 80's my buddies is one of the late 80's cars I believe some where around 87 almost 20 years old ! I wouldnt call it a classic but I think oldschool sounds about right. so how old are you?

    I believe your as young as you feel. :D

  7. Ug, I'm 35 now, don't like to think about it.

    My wife keeps telling me I'm 12 though. :D

  8. :lol: thats funny my wife tells me the same thing! BTW Im 28 going on 12 at least thats how she puts it. :rlaugh:

    later :flag:
  9. I've never bought a car there, but I bring friends there a lot.

    One time in paticular I went with a friend looking to by a focus, and he was ready to get it, but they would not honor his Military discount. We were there for THREE hours trying to get them to admit that he is in the military, there is a military discount, and it takes the price off before taxes. They never did, we went to Flemington and he got it.

    Next time you get a Jeep, go to the Jeep-Chrysler Dealer near that really wide bridge turn on 206 going towards Manville. They are locally owned. I bought the 300c there and they are amazing there, incredible salesmen and servicemen (they only have two salemen, the owner and his best friend..made it very personal)
  10. Oh OK, you mean Belle Mead Chrysler/Jeep. I've been over there a few times, to get parts for my wifes Grand Cherokee and once to look at a used Volvo they had on the lot. You're right, they are nice guys.

    Thats beat about your friend and the Focus, crappy that they would try to screw someone like that, especially a member of the military. Only problem I ever had there was the rear went on my Jeep Wrangler literally less than 1K past the warranty. I had the truck there twice before the warranty expired for leaks in the rear, and the third time, they were initially unwilling to admit that there was obviously a related problem. They wouldn't make good on the repair for an obviously pre-existing condition. After some haggling and threats to write a letter to Chrysler, they caved and replaced my rear with a new unit, brake drum to brake drum. They knew they were in the wrong and I was willing to make a stink about it.
  11. See that would make me so angry. It takes five minutes to check to see if a rear-end is broken on a RWD car and it is a known fact that people go to Acura dealers for cars because of how the dealers treat you, yet the domestic dealers continue to be a$$es. Go to Belle Mead, those guys are awesome :flag:
  12. I think what the n00b is trying to say is that he would like the OPTION of something higher than 300hp. 300hp for the base GT, and then something maybe bigger as an option package, just like the old days.

    Still, 300hp is quite a bit. I sure would like to get that out of my 2.3 turbo project. :banana:
  13. The options are the same as they've always been. A high performance version of any model only went so far. If you wanted to take it further, there is the aftermarket and a HUGE one is already building to support the new Mustang. I think we're only a few short months away from seeing some stock '05 Mustangs solidly in the 12's (albeit on a set of drag radials). The Pure Stock 428 CJ in the 68 Mustang ran a best of something like a 13.35 ET and 106 mph trap speed when driven by a professional driver. I think what this little 281 cid 3v is accomplishing is great...and it's doing it on 87 Octane. It's only going to get better (As long as the Insurance Companies don't get involved again.)
  14. I have only spent around $1000 on mods for mine and I had one of those Dodge station wagons come up beside me and challange me. :rlaugh: The results were not good for his 340HP. I don't know what mine dyno's at yet but from the start all I saw was his grill in my rear view mirror... :banana:
  15. I don't think Ford dropped the ball at all with the new Mustang, I think it's right where it needs to be for the introductory year of a major redesign. However, I will give immense kudos to Dodge on the Magnum, based on the simple fact that Ford would never even consider building a 340 horse V8 powered station wagon (or GM for that matter). For almost 15 years now Chrysler has always been the one willing to push the limit and take chances on controversial cars. They started with the Viper and never looked back, they just keep building on sales successes like the PT cruiser. Granted, they have not always hit the mark, the Prowler was a fantastic looking car but a dismal failure for obvious reasons, the verdict seems to still be out on the Crossfire, I hear the SRT version is much better. But you can't fault them for not trying. Whats the riskiest thing Ford has built in the last decade, the GT? I'm not trying to slam Ford here, thats not my intent, but I think they (and GM) have played things way to safe and conservative for to long now. I think the SSR was one of the best things GM has done in awhile, even though I don't particularly like the car. They saw what happened to Chrysler with the Prowler, learned from that mistake, and made an edgy, in your face enthusiast oriented vehicle with something under the hood that can at least come close to backing up it's looks. Now I'm waiting for Ford to pull the trigger on something similar, something that a person with an income less than Donald Trump can afford.
  16. The Mustang GT was meant to sell in the low $20s. If Ford gave it too much power no one would step up to the 5.4L version with the Triton V8 in the mid to high $20s. Also remember that both Ford base engines are supposed to see a power boost in 2007...

    The arguments about GM pushrod engines are ridiculous... The simply fact is, old camaros were dynoing higher than new Mustangs. The LS1 was not old technology--it came out in '97. The LS2 is not old either--it came out in 2005. GM would rather use larger displacement pushrods for cost and packaging savings. It doesn't matter. They get better performance, mileage and a more compact than the Ford engines... The Chrysler 300C has a pushrod engine too, but compare that engine to one from the 50s and you will see a difference.
  17. We live in 2004.
  18. The basic design for the cheevy small block has not changed since the 50's.Can you name one sports car with a V8,V12 or V6 that STILL relies on anything other then sohc 3 valve or dohc 4 valve design (except saleen ) ?
  19. You obviously know nothing about the LS1. There is only ONE part on my LS1 that is interchangable on the old 50's small block, or even the LT1.

    Using your logic, the Ford Engine is just as old as the LS1 because they are on the same basic formula as the 1880's internal combustion

    edit: IDK if anyone asked this, but I believe someone bashed GM for making "only 400" horsepower out of the LS2? Well, for one it is more like 410-420 and secondly, I cannot contemplate the cam they put in the car. The cam is the exact same cam from the 01 Z06. That cam was made for a 5.7 liter, same stroke but smaller bore and it made a consistent 20-30 RWHP less than the cam from the 02-04 ones. The only possible reason I can think of is fuel economy, so expect a simple cam swap of a mild cam (224/224 ish size) and it will have around 420 at the wheels, stock heads.
  20. I said design not parts,you still have not named any manufacturer that uses this money saving ,space saving ohv architecture.