300HP? Thats It...Whats wrong with Ford

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  1. Exactly I am a whiner for asking FORD to give me more options...if I have the money and want to pay then so be it. I don't want to wait for special editions like the Cobra or SVT. What do you mean by they did not directly compete...GM and Ford have been competing since their introduction, thats what give us a better car every year...it just seems like GM always comes out on top with the HP.
  2. Let me try to be a bit more clear.

    If you don't like the HP in the car, then don't buy it. Go out and buy a car that has the HP that you like. I suggest spending the extra coin for a GTO, and if that doesn't get your rocks off, a Vette. Those are about the only other choices you have. Complaining about it here won't get you there. Really.

    It is likely that Ford will continue what it has been doing in the recent past...ie....offer "special editions" for those that want more power, and perhaps increase HP incrementally every year or two or three or whatever.

    As for competing...my point was that when comparing the Mustang GT to the GM F-body, the Mustang GT's engine has not had comparible HP for many years - certainly this has been the case since the introduction of the LT1 in 1993. Do I like it? Not really - but that's the way it is. We can't change history, and there is nothing to compare it to today, so I fail to see the point.

    If I may....I'd like to make a prediction: When the 07 or 08 Camaro (or Z28 or whatever it will be called) debuts, it will have more HP than the Mustang GT, less than the Cobra, and probably about the same as any "special edition" Mustang that is out at the time (Mach, Boss, whatever).
  3. If you don't like the stock HP rating, then use mods to bump up the HP. That's why the aftermarket exists and thrives so well, plus it's fun to do. That's all part of the Mustang experience.

    Ford keeps the Mustangs reasonably priced with moderate HP because they know people are going to buy them and hop them up, that's the best part!

  4. They dropped the ball on right on your head, the HEMI is an OK motor if it was put in a car that didn't weigh 4000lbs. But the 300C's are nothing to get a woody over in terms of performance, as they are considerably slower than a GT with it's "modest" 300hp.
  5. You don't get it, svtguy! He doesn't care that the Hemi is in a big heavy SOB of a car and that it's actually slower than the Mustang. It's got 340HP baby! :rolleyes:
  6. Personally, I'm pretty impressed if this new GT can do mid 13's stock & can put down 300rwhp with just a tune/Catback. I could even see myself buying one over a Cobra. Add some gears & thats more than enough power to spank most cars on the road. It could stand to lose some weight though, but what new car couldn't these days.
  7. Yeah, the Mustang is not the only porker. That's true for everyone.
    Just the nature of the industry these days. Not much can be done.

    As for the Mustang's 300-hp, I think what they're doing is awesome.
    They're goal is a solid, reliable car that can also remain a good value.
    The Mustang does not sell because it's massively overpowered. The
    car sells because they are affordable and provide adequate power for
    most people. And check out its aftermarket; possibilities are endless.
  8. I think that's just about the best explanation I've heard.

  9. What he said!
  10. 2005 camaro 000 HP 2005 mustang 300 HP+

    2005 corvette 400 HP 2005 ford gt 500 HP

    Pick a car you can afford and end this post.
  11. oh ok cobraguy, thanks for telling me your reasoning. I can't really understand why people need more than 300 hp out of a base car.
    I understand the option thing but is it even feaseable to do it now a days?
    I mean i don't see why it's so hard to wait for a cobra or special edition mustang. If you can't wait there is the aftermarket to fullfill your need for speed heh. So there are options out there they are just different then it used to be.
  12. This is all wrong.
  13. Fastest Mustang GT to Date.

    1/2 second faster and the same price as my 99.

    This argument is ludicris. :bs:

    To all you 05 GT owners, nice car. :nice:
  14. i drive a 2002 mustang GT thought of buying a 05 but when i heard only 300hp and that SVT is gonna be gone for a couple of years well thats when i went to the GM dealers to talk about signing my deal to go destroy some stangs in my 05 Goat.
  15. Cool. When do you take delivery of your 2005 GTO? What color did you order? What did it cost you? I'm sure you have it ordered by now, right?

    Why did you get a 2002 GT when you could have had a much faster 2002 LS1 F-body?

    Why did you even bother registering on this site - just to stir up trouble and talk about a car that not only doesn't exist at dealers yet, but that you don't yet have? Know what I mean, Vern?
  16. Thanks for adding to the pile of stupidity here.

    Your GTO was what $8,000 more than a GT Mustang. You could have bought a slew of cars to beat up on the $25,000 Mustang. You chose the cheapest.

    Not that I do not like GTO's but it is not a pony car and should not be compared to one. Compare your GTO to other $32,000 cars (Like the 04 Cobra which is still hiding on some lots) and you'll find your GTO is quite slow.

    I also believe you will find that some of these guys will keep up with you as the two cars (yours and the 05 GT) are close in comparison.

    Wonderful place the internet, a place where every sad guy with low self esteem can beat up on another for absolutely no reason behind the safety of a computer desk.

    GTO, nice car good motor, no style.
    05 Mustang GT, nice car good motor, so much style it drips to the ground.
  17. :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:

  18. Wow, a whopping 3 posts from this nerd... but he's owned a stang for 3 years... BS I say.
  19. Funny how I fail to see the relavence. Being a Mustang owner does not mean mandatory participation in Stangnet.

    Funnier still, you bothered looking to see how many posts he had but didn't other to see that he was banned already.

    Funniest yet, you clapping with one hand trying to egg someone on who cannot respond because he was banned.

    You sure showed him! :mad: