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  1. Alright I searched a lot and couldn't find an answer to my question. What does it take to reach around the 300whp mark? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. With a 2.3? Lots and lots of work. Swap in a 5.0. Save the headache. If you just have to have the 2.3 turbo it. Really really big. Then replace all the broken bits with a 5.0. I know this sounds biased towards the 5.0 but hey... I run imports. Specifically Toyotas. With a 2jztte you can hit the 300 whp mark with ease, that is a straight six. With the 3sgte (Celica Alltrac) you can get to 300whp+ with bigger turbo, forged internals and a stand alone fmu. However these engines were designed to handle this amount of power. The Ford 2.3 never was. Even if you go with all forged internals, massive cam and massive turbo you can hit the 300whp mark, but not before you have sank $$$ of the thousands into many different blown engines. Get the 5.0. Other opinions?

  3. Wow man, don't be dispensing information if you can't get it right.

    First off, reaching 300 hp with a naturally aspirated 2.3L can be done, but you'd have an engine that would never work on the street because it would have all race stuff in it.

    Secondly, it's not quite fair to compare a straight six or a turbo engine to a naturally aspirated 2.3.

    And finally, a turbo 2.3L can easily make 300 hp, it really isn't that hard, and they already do have forged internals. Hell I've seen a 2.3L Turbo in a magazine that made 412 hp with all stock internals on 30 psi boost. Can a Celica do that?

    A 2.3L may not have been designed to handle a lot of power, but it is damn near bulletproof. MM&FF took a naturally aspirated 2.3L that was already in bad shape and ran several passes with it, spraying it with a 150 shot of nitrous. Guess what, they couldn't blow it up and they were TRYING to!
  4. If you don't know what you are talking about, just don't post. duh.

    I KNOW PERSONALLY a half-dozen guys w/ that and higher power in their 2.3t's. And here on the net, there's scads!

    For the low end recipe 300 hp you can do it w/ a stock bottom, unported head, log header, ported intakes, big TB, stock computer, good intercooler, T3/T4 hybrid, adjustable boost valve and good tuning. That's pretty much svoty's recipe over at svoca.com. He's running like 311hp/368 torque or something like that.

    These'll help:

  5. I thought the 2.3 lima block could support over 400 hp safely.
  6. Once again that is the reason I ended the post with 'Other Opinions.' I didn't mean to sound like I knew it all. I am by no means a Ford 2.3 expert. I identified myself as an Import owner. I do own a Mustang. I have owned many Mustangs and other Fords. However (flame now) I prefer a 'Maro over a Stang any day. I converted to imports a few years back and I will willingly admit thier superiority in design and longevity. My Mustang is currently a driver till I can afford to drop a built 302 into her for weekend purposes. There is not another car on the face of the earth that has as much aftermarket support on the face of the earth as a Mustang. Call me a sell-out, that is why I own it. I am a smart sell-out though, that is why I got a Stang instead of a Civic.;)

    Hate me if you will I don't care.
  7. no one hates you Murgatroy, most people here (including me) respect anything that makes good power. Chevy, Ford, honda, whatever. The only we dont deal to kindly with is mis-information...and the whole "ricer" ethic.

    StangerJon - You are correct...i can name a few guys(off the top of my head) over the 400rwhp mark with the lima block , Greg O'brian , Randy, Joe m (pinto)...all on the "stock" lima block and all over 400rwhp :)
  8. It has been ages since I was called a Ricer... LOL I understand the thought though. I used to think the same of anyone that drove an Import. I respect anyone that works on thier car. There are way too many stockers in the world. It is possible to have a potent 4 cylinder, but I still hold true to my hot rod roots, if you can fit a V8 in it, why not? But then again half the reason I went 'rice' was the fact it was harder to make power out of 4 cylinders.
  9. my 9" rear end will never respect your half shafts :p

    The reason most people go with the 4cyl is because its cheaper then the 5.0. These people aren't looking to be racing, just driving a nice car.

    The reason that people go for the 2.3T swap, 1) its very very very easy 2) its cheap 3) you can make alot of hp with out buying hardly any aftermarket parts and 4) my personal reason, after you've seen one 5.0, you've seen them all. They start to get pretty boring. I've owned a v8 before, went to a car show, 4 guys had almost the exact same setup. What fun is that. Now if i can take a 4cyl, close the hood and run with the v8s.... its a great feeling to only have half the motor they do, and a way cooler / unique setup.
  10. I am a cheap [email protected]@ and I love my 2.3 N/A although she is slow. I am looking for that 300 rwhp mark with the emgine I am building too. I am looking for a street fighter so to speak that will run over some of the big dogs on better fuel mileage and cheaper insurance. Plus I will like to tell people that they just got owned by a 4 pack.
  11. Well I personally am asking this becuz I am looking into the possibility of swapping a 2.3T into a focus. I could do the V8 for about the same price but its gonna be my daily driver so I need to keep my fuel economy half decent but I still want a potent rear drive set-up.
  12. hopefully you live far away from strict emissions...other thanthat...it has been done. Joe morgan leads the focus area i believe.
    Side note...i believe hotrod setup a turbo on a focus and made some good power ...close to 200 to the ground, a nice low 14 secondcar i think. Just an idea.
  13. I would convert the focus to rear drive and use the stock engine before I'd swap in a lima 2.3...there are adapters available to bolt the focus engine to a T5 trans from a mustang.
  14. Its a lot more expensive to get the Zetec in the focus to the kinda power levels i'm after than it would a 2.3T though. With the focus your looking at a minunum of 7 grand to get the power up to around 300hp.
  15. the v8 focus is possibly the coolest thing ever created. Plus its and entire bolt in kit.
  16. Be it from a turbo 4 or V8 fuel economy will not be much different. X+Y=Z Air + Fuel = hp. Doesn't matter if it's a 4 or an 8 it's going to take approximately the same ammount of fuel and air to make that power level. The 4 will work harder to do it.
  17. Not true with a turbo engine...of course it will burn the same amount at WOT but at cruise speeds it will burn what a n/a 4 cylinder would...it's not running boost while cruising. I've seen 2.3T's get anywhere from 25-35mpg on the highway...I know of a 420hp 2.3T that got 28mpg on it's maden voyage.

  18. How would one go about finding one of these adapters? And would you have to rotate the engine to make it work or will it just bolt up with the engine as is?
  19. Evidently Murgatroy has never driven a healthy 2.3 turbo stang , if he had, he wouldn't make such inaccurate statements. 5.0s are a dime a dozen. If you want something that handles great, performs great, and still gets good mileage, go with a 2.3T
    As far as sex appeal, the 2.3 has it hands down. I take the trophys from the 5.0 boys at the car shows with ease!
  20. The kit completely removes the engine and front suspension from the focus. Then you bolt in a K-member alot like the one in a mustang. After remaking the firewall and floorpan, the 302 can be dropped in. The new front suspension is a coil over setup because of the added weight. Then out back the rear suspension is removed and a 8.8" is hung on a coil over kit as well. I Dont belive you could mount the stock 4cyl for rear wheel drive, motor mount location on the block (they are on the ends, not the sides) and tranny problems would only be the first on a long list of problems. i suppose you could put an old 2.3t in it, but you would have to create some one off motor mounts to work with the 302 k member and would need a custom driveshaft different from the one in the kit.