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  1. I know all about the V8 swap and have thought about just using the kit for the V8 swap for the 2.3T. My question was directed toward stingers statement that there are adapters made out the to bolt a T5 tranny to my Zetec that the car comes with stock. And also Kugels kit doesnt mess with the front suspension involving anything outside of the actual engine bay.
  2. The motor will hafta be turned for a t5 to work ;) the T5 would one of a couple steps being made to make it Rear-wheel driven. I agree the ztec is an exspensive route,period. :)
  3. The engine has to be turned and bolted back in...then the T5 is bolted to it. All this talk about the zetec being an expensive venture is killing me...it seems like nobody believes it can be done without buying a "kit".

    I guarantee you a zetec could be turbocharged for less than 1500 bux...

    Also, I just sent a link to the company that sells the T5 adaptes to tjm73...pm him if you want a copy of it (I'd have to search for the info again)
  4. Ok tell me how I can turbo the focus for 1500 bucks. There is no way to piece together a decent kit including tuning for the focus for that amount. And if you did piece together a kit for that amount it wont make over 180hp. The stock focus internals crap out at around 240, 250hp. So to piece together a Zetec setup that will make 300hp on pump gas it is a minimum of 7 grand. I would love for you to prove me wrong but I highly doubt you can but please be my guest.
  5. The company is www.quad4rods.com
  6. Not true firewall needs no modification.
  7. Im sure the ztec motor can have a turbosetup for 1500$...if you know what your doing. here is the article i saw refering to the turbo focus....leaves out alot of details about boost levels ...so it makes it hard to judge what this motor can handle "stock".

  8. Believe me I have been looking over all the options for a DIY kit for the focus. The only way to do a QUALITY kit for $1500 is to piece together a system with no intercooler and internally gated that will put down about 180 at the wheels if your lucky.

    Edit: Its Zetec not Ztec or Ztech
  9. I built a turbo civic with homemade everything (header, exhaust, IC tubing, etc.) that ran 8psi for about 950 bux...it made 190 or so hp...simply because I didn't have enough fuel to make more...now it is going back together with bigger injectors, pump, and forged pistons and eagle rods...it's another $900 or so of parts...should fall just under 2 grand when done and be able to run 12-14psi and make as much power as the block can handle (350 whp or so).

    When done this way, it doesn't matter if it's a civic, focus, etc...it all takes the same parts that cost relatively the same...
  10. I can't believe I missed this thread for so long....For the early poster I'll just post my time and be on my way.

    100% stock untouched junk yard 2.3, 88 mustang coupe, pulls both wheels up about 3 inches(no need for allwheel drive then ;) )
    1/8th: 7.992
    w/ a 1.74 60ft.

    I've raced what was supposed to be a 400WHP VR4 the following week. I don't want to give any details other than I ran through 1st and a little ways through 2nd before I started tapping the gas to bounce the front end. I'm not sure which is worse. That he went into to that actually thinking he was 400hp or that he could beat any random car out that night.....WHOOPS


  11. I don't think everyone here has access to the same kind of equipment you do, though. I sure don't.
  12. about the v8 focus, well my bud turbo'd his focus, made 325hp and 358 torque with a 50 shot of nitrous, ran a [email protected] due to traction probs ;)

    anyway, one of his injectors went south and grenaded the engine,

    He just finished replacing all of it with a 351w making 465hp n/a, and converted to rear wheel drive. the 351 even fits under the stock hood ;)
  13. Damn. Got any pics? Sounds pretty sweet.

    I've heard you can put about anything in those things and it'll still fit like it was supposed to be there. Even the 32V 4.6.