302/347 Clutch


Jun 5, 2019
Alvin, Texas
I’m trying to determine the best clutch for my new engine in my 65 Stang. I went with a Blue Print roller 302 stroked to a 347 that dyno’ed at 420HP/430TQ. I will use the stock T10 trans with a 10 spline input and the stock 6 bolt bell housing with a clutch equalizer bracket. I’m thinking of using a Ford Racing 28.2oz flywheel and was wanting a 10.5” diaphragm clutch. Blue Print recommended RAM but after talking to them about their diaphragm clutches the clutch fork pivot will need to be modified with a spacer 3/8” to have the same pedal action and the throw out bearing doesn’t have the clutch fork clips so I’d have to buy another bearing. The other option is the OEM lever style clutch that is a direct bolt in but will have a stiff pedal. This is a street only car and I’m not drag racing. Any help on direct bolt on diaphragm clutch would be appreciated.
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New Member
Mar 2, 2020
New Jersey
I'm in the same boat! I just put in same engine as you from blueprint in my 87 foxbody and used stage 3 clutch the 3/8 pivot arm spacer makes sense cause i had to make major cable adjustments with spacers pulling more on fork to get it to work but still isn't right reverse is mainly the issue! Car going on the road next week and was just gonna go with it! I guess I'll need more lift time rent $