302/351 timing cover seal

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  1. I can't remember... can the front timing cover crankshaft seal be replaced without removing the cover? My brand new engine < 5 hours on it started dripping! :mad: oooh I HATE when that happens! :bang:
  2. It all depends on the cover you have. The older cover the seal was installed from the backside. The newer covers install from the front. You'll be able to tell which one you have as soon as you get the balancer off.

    Have fun! :D

  3. Any idea what year they changed? Mine is the original 78 302 timing cover.
  4. Unfourtunatly no. I only know only one of the ones I have is a front install and it is for a late model van (84ish) and it's got strange things around where the timing marks are.
  5. My 78 stang has the original motor and the seal is pressed in from the back.

  6. Yes, my 78 and 75 both have the timing cover seal that installs from the rear.

    Too bad that happened with a fresh motor. Must have been damaged during the install of the cover or the seal wasn't installed correctly to begin with.
  7. Did you loosely install the timing cover to the block and partially install the balancer to 'center' the timing cover? There happens to be just enough slop in the timing cover bolt holes where one could cinch down the cover and have the oil seal not properly seated around the harmonic balancer properly. I found this out the hard way and after the 3rd seal realized what was going on. It's even harder to guarantee a perfect fit when your removing and re-installing the timing cover witht e oil pan still attached. Just thought I'd mention that. :nice:
  8. :mad: @##$%%^$%%#**%$##!! :mad: :nonono:
    Nope, I didnt I bet that's what happened, course this is the third time I've done one of these and the first one that leaked... so now that the pan is on any suggestions?
  9. Well....er....umm... Good Luck!! :D

    Ah, well it'll be harder to verifly if it's centered or not. Basically you're just gonna have to loosly install it at the engine and then through the pan. One of the ways i did it, i snugged the bolts to the block 1st and then tightened the pan bolts and then back to tighten the block bolts. It'll be tough to tell if you really are centered or not cause you're fighting the rubber seal on the pan (the U-shaped seal on the cover itself) and probably the pan corner gaskets aswell.
    OR- Dry fit the balancer and use the oil pan bolts to adjust the up and down setting. Once you think it's set correctly up and down cinch down the block bolts then cinch down the pan bolts.
    I've done it both ways several times and naturally did ave a leaker on a couple of occasions. Gonna be tough, either way.