302 engine swapped into a 67 coupe sixer?

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  1. wow can't really reply to all you guys that are chiming in here because i'd be here forever but thanks alot to all you guys that are trying to help me out..

    About that bench seat... can't really tell you if it had arm rest or not because I didn't really pay any mind to that because it wasn't in any shape to use or take a picture of to say the leasee but the rest of the interior was great so if and when I purchase this car because it's not going anywhere right now I'll see if the handles are save- able and let you know

    about the use of a 302.. well i've seen plenty of them in the 10s, running boost out the arsh or spray.. i've had two in the low 12s and daily driven and beat on.. they are tuff motors, they are what I know and will be sticking with for now.

    mp67 .. I typed soo bad because I was at work when posting all those post so listening to three different people's problems while starring at code and thinking what to type in my post got to me :bang:

    Keep the info coming .. I think someone should compile all the usful info in this thread and set up a faq or help page for this site so newbs like myself don't have to ask a question that's been answered more then once.. in turn pissing bigdave off :D


  2. You missed the whole point of the post. Please READ before running your mouth about stuff I NEVER said. :lol: :lol: :lol: I don't recall saying it made it more valuable, just rare. Just checked and I did not. Not many having it is the freaking definition of rare! GaPonyFarm was the only one that even mentioned value. Doesn't matter anyway because the seat is shot anyway. I said a 200 built right could run with a STOCK 289/302. Is your's stock? No! So it does not apply to my I6 comment. READ! As for you engine, I can show you a 351 or 390 easily that will do that for much less money. So sorry, the 302 is NOT the ulitimate engine you think it is. Thats what I meant in what you "qouted". Didn't you see where I suggested a larger engine?!?! READ!
    Please start READING posts before you spout off crap. This is why I don't come here often, some people can not or will not READ!
    Sorry guys, but morons putting words in my mouth (or twisting them) piss me off royally. :bang: :bang: Did I mention this? READ!

    keeping this from only being a rant, its a very good idea to go with disc brakes at all four corners. And drop in a fuel cell or armor plating around the gas tank. These cars' gas tanks COULD rupture in a rear end collision. Just curious, are you going to go with stock bucket seats or a newer type?
  3. Boostedpimp
    bottom line, it is your car if someone else dosen't like your taste, then that is their problem not yours. They won't be the one driving it you will. Build the car you want. I have had a lot of people tell me with their "conventional wisdom" things couldn't be done. I didn't listen and built my car my way. There are more conversion kits out there for everthing from suspension to fuel injection than you can shake a stick at. These kits have improved the 1960's engineering greatly. If the kind of negative talk that has gone on in this thread would have been listened to by everyone, then the hobby would all be concourse boring cars. Not that I don't appreciate that there are nice concourse cars, but I believe variety is the spice of life. It is my opinion that the frame, cowl and body are the most important. The rest can be bolted on. A donor Granada, along with better aftermarket parts is a good way to go. Welcome to the hobby Boostedpimp. I think you know where to tell the rest to go! :nice:
  4. Wolf, I'm still looking for where mp67 "Wolf said..." His statement started "And...". I thought he was adding on.
  5. Wrong, he quoted me on the engine thing, and then said something that had nothing to do with what I said. You may however be correct about the seat thing.
    Its kinda funny that some of you guys are mad at the rest of us for liking stock cars (high power or not). Then some you think a common 302 to "stray from the norm". Does no one see the irony?

    I think he should go with the swap now that I have more info on the car, that the engine is shot anyway and that seat is too.
  6. I'm 16, and my father and I just tore down my 302 entirely for a fresh rebuild, kept the crank/rods/and pistons tho, If it is true that the i6 cars have the 7.5" rear end that would be a huge issue with me unless you plan in advance to drop at least a 8" with stronger axles. I also have talked to a guy who is 17 or 18 and did the i6 to 302 swap in his 70 mustang, he left his c4 tranny in and left the rear end alone and his car turned out fine, but prior to the swap his car was mint anyway. As for the experience, I am quickly learning these types of projects don't neccesarily require 110% experience, it requires a little guidence from guys who have been there before and the willingness ability to learn everything you can, o and make sure u keep track of every bolt, like ziplock bags labeled where they go. But as far as the swap i hear it is quit a project to do and it takes quit a bit of time and money, but it's not impossible. If you want, I live in Arizona, i could keep my eye out for a 67 v8 car for you to start with because we find quite a bit around here with zero or little rust that just need a good rebuild for a fair price, like when we got my 69 coupe we payed 2,200 for it and it had a smooth running 302, drove straight down the road, pretty bad interior, has a few 3" spots of rust in the doors which can be fixed, and a really terrible oxidized paintjob. but my car came together quit quickly as an education car and a great smooth project with a few bumps in the road, i'm not sure where you live Boostedpimp but if you wanted to save yourself alot of time and money in the long run i could keep my eye out for a rust free i6 or v8 67 car for you to ship out, but the 1,100 doesn't sound to bad if your positive you want to go down that big swap road, start checking the classifieds for rear ends and strong tranny's. Heck just get on http://www.collectorcartraderonline.com/ and search the 85205 zip code with a range within 200 miles, or 25 miles if you wanted me to check a certain car out for you to see if you wanted to ship it or not, just a thought, i'm not gonna rag you about the swap i'm just givin you a heads up it's gonna put you in a big pit and it will be a big project to deal with.

  7. BoostedPimp,

    I hear ya loud and clear man, you want an early model stang, you found an early model stang, except it doesn't have the driveline you want. It sounds like you have the wherewithal to do the swap and you just need the parts list to start the project, I think we've listed 90% of the parts you need.
    Have fun, post pics, man you should publicize the work on your website(assuming you have one) I enjoy looking/reading car project sites. A bigger displacement engine would be cool BUT you have the stroked 302 sitting there why not use it and abuse it then go bigger later, maybe :shrug: . Another consideration is weight, isn't a 302 about 100 lbs. lighter than a 351? Anyhow, all this is just my $.02

  8. joshs69stang, the transmission problem only comes into play with early I6 cars, after a certain year, they went to a low mount starter which works with V8s. I want to 69 was the year.

    I'm not sure of the exact weight differnce but I don't think its much. A stoke kit in a 351 would push it past 400. The increased power would overcome a 100lb difference.
  9. joshs69stang,

    thanks alot for the offer man that is really cool of you and I'll keep that bookedmarked :nice: so I if I need yah to I can take you up on that offer.
  10. :worship:

    Yes that's what im about on this thread... and if the swapp doesn't take years to do then i'd love to set up a step by step kinda section on my site with pics for everyone.. thanks

  11. both you guys have valid points (weight/cubic inch benefit) but I do have other parts laying around for a 302 that I haven't used in a long time.. don't know if i want to spend the money on gettnig my vortech atrim rebuild that was on my previous fox body and use it with the 302 for the swap or just sell it off to a friend but I asure you this.. when the swap is finished the motor will be close if not over 400hp becuase it can't look bad ass and not haul ass you know.
  12. I just searched for the weights, looks like its a 50lb difference between a 302 and a 351W. Good luck on whatever route you take.
  13. No problem, i can also get you the screen name of the guy i know who did his swap in the 70 if he doesn't mind, actually he has a site on cardomain, i'll search for it and grab you a few links of guys who did the swap in similar cars, one did a 351 job in a 65.
  14. That guy belongs to this site or did until he sold that car. He might still be here.
  15. Your the big mouth spouting crap A-HOLE!!! I did not say you said it was valuable, but you did say not to trash it cause its rare. So what if its rare, its a piece of Sh**. Nobody wanted it then, and smart people don't want it now, unless it was to increase the value of a vehicle, or they were going all original which neither is the case with this guy. As for the engine, you were spouting earlier about how he should build his six and not swap a 302 in. So read your own Fu**ing post before you shoot off your punka** mouth to me boy. And why the hell would he want to spend the money to make a 6 run with a stock v8 when he said he has a v8 that is not stock, and won't cost him anything. Your the one who needs to read around here. And my engine cost the same as the 393 they were selling with the same Hp and it cost less than alot of the companies 393 and 408 with less hp. So to finish here punk, I did not get nasty with you when I posted, just pointed out my opinion in response to yours. But you want to get on here and spout off to me like some internet tough guy, then you can SUCK MY NUTS. PUNKASS.
  16. READ! You still did not read the post, because you still don't get it!! Try again, and come back when you have something intelligent to say. Call me all the names you want, I can answer them right back. Btw, I beg to differ, you're the bigmouth spounting crap. So what if your car is faster than an I6? It has nothing to do with this and nothing to do with my earlier post, if you think it did, READ it again. I just can't believe you just twisted my words again! Are you drunk or just stupid? READ it again numbnuts, I said to build the six rather than drop in a "cheap" 302. He said cheap which I took to mean STOCK, he cleared it up later. Read the damn ORDER of the posts! He did not say it was not stock until LATER. At that point I agreed, did you see that? You could build up a six for the cost of the conversion to a STOCK v8. Should I dumb it down for you a little more? Do you understand now, or should I put it simplier for you? You implied that I said it added value, don't try that junk. I can tell you're the kinda person that reads one post and then has to run his mouth without even glancing at the rest. You twisted my words and you're trying to do it again. You're the one who started it stroking your own damn ego, toughguy. I don't care if you have an engine cheaper than you can buy for the same power. I can build an engine for less money using a bigger engine and not have to rely on a damn crutch. I don't know who you think you are. Lean some respect kid. I am sorry for this thread turning so bad, Boostedpimp (same to anyone else who reads this besides mp67), but ignorance pisses me off more than anything (except shamless self-promotion). Mp67, I am really curious of your age, you're 16 aren't you? I hope you're just drunk and not really this dumb. If you want to continue this childish crap, do it in a private message. I don't care who you are, I'll stand up to anyone that acts like you did. So bring it, but lets do it in private.
  18. NO, the bottom line is that you are twisting my words. LEARN TO READ. Yea, I said for him to just get a V8 car if he wanted a v8 car. I just said the I6 was not a joke, I didn't say for him to build it when I saw what he was after. READ AGAIN. Want to try again? You're still not READING. I'm sorry if I confused you, guess I should have dumbed it down more for you. And no I'm not as old as you, but I'm far from 16. My guess is now that you're going senile. No I wanted to continue it in private for the sake of the board and thead, this thing is going to be locked and important info won't be added. Understand? Is that too much for you to understand. You started it by twisting my words and yea it pissed me off and I called you a moron (which you are proving to be true by one inane post after another). Alright, where do you live, tell me that and we'll see what happens. You don't know s***t and I'll prove it to you. I bet you won't do it, because you're the real coward. Hell, I live at 2018 Avent Ferry Road, Raleigh NC. I'll be waiting for you, coward.
    You're a discrace to this hobby. :nonono: