302 engine swapped into a 67 coupe sixer?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Boostedpimp, Feb 12, 2004.

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  4. Just to clear up a few things. I am working my way through college. I stand by what is on that page, if anyone wants to see where I got the information, email me. You know nothing of me, I sent you an email to show you something, I have been around and worked on cars for much longer than you think. You keep trying to bait me, and so far its worked. You know you're wrong about my posts and you're trying to save face. I don't care how old you are, you're just working from a mold.
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  5. go for it

    Go for it , we all had to cut our teeth at some time.I looked for a v8 for a year everyone I found had been molested. I finally gave up and bought a 68 coupe 6 cyclinder auto with air in great shape and cheap, have been driving it for ten years. I did put headers on it with duals and up graded the engine a few years back.The one thing I found out that the Mustang is easy to work on and thier is alot of help out there from fellow enthusiast.
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  7. boosted pimp, my dads friend swapped a 289 with the 6 cylinder in a 65 coupe. its a pretty nice car once it was finished but it took so much time and so much money, but if that's what your willing to do than you can do it.
    p.s. i dont even know if you are still reading this thread cus its just those two guys arguing :notnice:
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  9. The order was that #35 was the one you responded to by name calling, which I was stupid enough to do back. You did the baiting. You compared a I6 modded to a stock V8. I never said you compared it to a modded one. My point was that the same money spent on the I6 to make it perform like a stock v8 would net you more performance when spent on the V8. That is my claim and the posts support it. One undeniable, indesputible fact on this thread is that you started with the name calling and ranting. For arguments sake, I'll say I posted it for my ego. Was there any profanity in it. Did I call you a name of any sort or say you were dumb about cars. If I did post it cause of ego(which I did not) you could have simply pointed it out instead of acting like an ass.Like I emailed you, you must take a lot of sh** about your six, so you took it out on me. So this time I'm putting you on ignore and leaving it. Don't email me again either, you have my address and number if you want to use it.
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  14. I hear you guys.. I just picked up a 8.8 rear and a built up C4 but i'd like to go manual so Im looking into ideas for that currently
  15. Dude, I would go with a 5 speed. By looking at your sig, it looks like your used to that, and may not like not having that overdrive. I have a four speed in mine, and it sucks for any highway driving. I'm looking at a tremec with a conversion kit that will allow me to bolt up to my scattershield. Theres lots of info about putting a 5 speed into the classics and alot of guys on this board have done it. Try doing a search on the forum for that subject and you should come up with some good stuff. Good luck.

  16. thanks man and yah I've been digging into the many post that search gives geeez oh and yah I've got a turbocharged v6 auto.. so no auto in this thing.. I want to snap necks :banana:
  17. Boy has this thread degraded to crap. The original question was "what is needed for the swap". I was the first responder and posted a web site with the information. Unless that information is incorrect what more is needed?
    As the owner of a converted I6 car, I can tell you there are advantages. Firstly it is very unlikely that the car has been tweeked by a bunch of hard launches. Second the car I have had a good body and a blown motor. The previous owner, who did the swap, had a great V8 drivetrain, suspension, etc., but a rusted body. (Sound familure?) Hence the swap made sense. Most classics that have not been restored need rebuilt suspensions anyway so the differential in costs is not that great. Although you do need to change the rear end. Since the original poster is aiming for more that 400 hp, a 9" is in order, so even if he started with a small block A or C code car he would need to up grade the rearend to a 9".
    By the way I have a bench seat, not high on the cool factor but very comfortable, I drove it 3000 miles from Oregon to West Virginia and was very happy with the comfort. I do suspect that a bench seat, although "rare" is one of the few options that does not increase the value of the car. It may even hurt value. No big deal with a restomod - just swap in some later model seats.
    I'm almost sorry for prolonging this thread with this post, but I think that not all is lost when someone wants to do this swap, as long as they understand what they are getting into and do the swap correctly.
  18. John, all good points. I was trying to point out the same things basically before I was ranted on and was stupid enough to rant back. Sorry to you and everyone else, especially boostedpimp for getting sidetracked. I'm into restomod myself on my car and suspect that is the direction boosted is leaning toward. Hey boosted, thought about a six speed?

  19. all valid points.. I've got a ton of info from this thread.. I thank all you guys again for it.

    about your six speed question.. that would rock but don't see myself with one
  20. I have been contemplating the same type of project are attempting. A few years ago, the GO FIND A V8 thing made sense. Today, you can't find a clean V8 car for less that $6k at least not around the Southeast. And that is for a standard 289 with the three speed, not a performance car. A nice fastback or GT coupe wil run over $8-10K.

    As for finding a beater V8, by the time you spend $2K-$4 on body work and paint to repair rust and typical damage plus replacing worn components, you will come out about the same as building up a I6 car. In addition, you won't be cutting up a real 289 car if you decided to add some modern conveniences. Plus, any of these cars that are up for sale typically have problems that need to be addressed.