302 Engine With A 351 Crankshaft

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  1. hi ! i got a dumb question but please give me a wise answer..:stick2:
    what i got if i put a 351 crankshaft inna 302 engine?:shrug:
  2. won't work. The mains are 1/2 inch thicker on the 351 crank.
  3. ok but if possible use a 302 block and put in the crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods and heads of a 351 engine? yes or no?:stick: :shrug::scratch:
  4. jack rousch built a similar engine in 1979 for the mustang pace car. he started with a boss 302 block, and modified a 351c crank to fit the 302 mains. he used custom length rods and pistons to complete the rotating assembly. in the end the engine came out to be 363ci as he bored the cylinder .060 over. so to answer your question, can it be done, yes. but it will take a lot of machine work, and a lot of custom parts, and would be more expensive, and wouldnt make enough more power than a much more common 347 stroker kit to worth the money.
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  5. Here's my question to you.


    After the thousands in maching costs to make everything fit, why not start with a 351 block, or the common 331 or 347 based 302?
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  6. just use the whole 351