Fox 302 Engine

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  1. How can you tell if your motor has been bore out? I finally took motor apart and seen the reason why it was shooting smoke. The valves look worn out and burnt oil bad . How can you tell if block is still good and if it has compression.
  2. You have to measure it.

  3. I measured it and its exactly 4inch.
  4. Perfect. Is there a particular reason you are asking? What direction are you looking to go?

  5. I was just checking to see if the block was bored out or not by measuring it .. But im more curious , when I had the motor in my car it ran great until it started throwing out smoke. So I took motor out and finally took heads off and the valves on heads look bad and the head gaskets weren't blown . Also the walls feel smooth and don't look bad but im wondering if the block could still be good, if I were to just put different heads
  6. It probably is. Good chance the valve seals were just leaking a little bit. If you have good cross hatching on the cylinders, it's probably still good.

  7. Is it possible if you can post a picture of good cross hatching on cylinders?
  8. Thanks, what am I looking for in the picture?
  9. See the cylinders? See the X pattern in each one? That is called a cross hatch. You want to see that in yours.
  10. Ooooh okay I'll look right now
  11. I don't see any x patterns
  12. The true test is a compression test. If the engine has good comrpession, then you are good to go.

  13. How do I do that without heads on the motor
  14. Would i have to put heads back on?
  15. Post some pics of what your cylinders look like
  16. That would be pretty hard, but if you could pull it off you'd make a mint :nice:
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  17. How do you post pictures