Fox 302 Engine

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  1. Yes, unfortunately you have to put the cylinder heads back on. However, if you had leaky valve seals, it wouldn't have done you much good. It's just the down side of auto testing. When you have a good set of heads, put them on the short block and do a compression test.

  2. I have my gt40p heads I can use those to test the compression
  3. love me some lmgtfy
  4. What did you measure it with? the difference between 4.000 and 4.030 is hard to tell with a tape measure;)
  5. It's actually 4 inches if you just pull the tape measure a little harder. And no, I am not referring to my own anatomy.
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  6. pull even harder then
  7. Yeah with a measuring tape
  8. I'll try posting a picture up later on today of the motor , and heads
  9. Need to use a dial bore gauge, we are talking the difference of .030 inches, I can't measure that with a tape.
  10. cheapo dial calipers from HF will suffice for measuring purposes. Definitely not for rebuilding purposes those
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  11. I'm not thinking the guy is for real.

    Just my initial gut feeling.
  12. Okay will do :flag:
  13. Firstly to advise putting a head back on an engine to do a compression test, when the engine is out of the car is some crazy talk. For an engine to arbitrarily just start smoking is no where near cut and dried as throwing a new set of heads back on and reinstalling the engine to see if it stops.
    If it were me, I'd put a head back on and leak it,..but that process seems way too complicated to even go into for the OP to understand, so I'd advise the next best thing:
    The damage is done, the engine is out,..may as well take that thing to a machine shop and have them mic the bores, and ck the heads while they're at it.
    A smoking engine could be a number of things, including worn valve seals,or guides,..but they typically smoke while idling, or decellerating. An engine w/a broken, or worn out piston ring will smoke while accelerating.

    I'm not a fan of one line posts....seems it takes forever to get to the bottom of something. More info is the only way you'll get a solution to your problem.

    P.S. The Surgeon General has determined that the frequent use of spell/grammar check can be good for you.
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  14. That's what she said
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  15. the car would only smoke when I would accelerate. And I would go through a whole 15qt of oil a week , it burned oil bad. Used 10w-40 pretty much I'd fill the motor up with oil every week
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  17. You're right. Definitely check it out another way if the engine is already out of the car. For some reason it didn't occur to me that the engine had already been taken out.

  18. What other ways can I do that..