Fox 302 Engine

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  1. The pictures you linked are too small to tell anything. You are either not setting the resolution high enough, or are not uploading them in a high resolution state. All that can be told from that pic is that there is excessive oil getting into the chamber in several cylinders .

    A leak down tester requires an air compressor, (and somebody that knows what they're doing to use it.) It is the difinitive way to tell if you have a bad ring or valve causing the oil consumption. You can rent it at an auto parts store ( I think), but again,...far too complicated of a process to go over until you do some reading on it.

  2. Im having the same problem w my 302. Im making sure that im good by just getting mine rebuilt to factory specs. Its about 750.00-850.00 depending on shop costs. Now if you dont have enough mony for that then i suggest the tips that Kurt has giving you. If that is a bust then just take the block to a ASE certified shop and they should be able to tell you for free.
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  4. This guy is a magician ^

    Did you go to stangnet U to become "certified"?
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  5. Nah... LMGTFY has been around for years. Just thought it'd be funny. :) I thought that mofoe was joking when he said measuring tape. Everyone starts somewhere though. Not everyone is a mechanic's kid. So, it's important to help out by answering questions and pointing them in the right direction just like someone did for you when you were starting out.
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  6. It was the measuring tape comment that caused me to think that as well. Since this thread started, I've also been talking with my non-car guy oldest son,..(about that rusted ass 89 LX he bought anyway) and he has helped me to realize that "starting out" can be like trying to understand college level trig for most new guys.

    So,. I've ........"softened" my attitude.
  7. I wish the customer who has this big block Mustang in my garage would just buy that rust bucket Mustang off your son. He needs literally every single part out of it.