302 Rebuild Question?

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  1. Im looking at a 93 Foxbody. been my dream car forever.

    It has a rebuilt 302 with aftermarket heads , cam and Intake.
    Owner told me that it was rebuilt in 2014 ,but only has 1800 miles on it.

    Now to my question
    I checked the oil and it was black with very small metal shavings.
    I understand that the first oil change will be black from rebuild grease, but shouldnt it be cleared out by now?

    Owner said Rotella oil was used since it was rebuilt and has been changed muitiple times.

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated!!
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  2. Run away.... Metal shavings come from something metal getting eaten in that block. Think about all those little metal flakes embedded in the bearings.
  3. Do not let your desire cloud your judgement.
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  4. Oil won't be black from "rebuild grease," it's black from being old. A fresh rebuild will have some fine shavings in the oil from break in but I wouldn't trust a random sellers word for it. Unless he can provide proof of the rebuild and/or let you pull the pan to inspect, I would pass.
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  5. Thank you all!
    Im going to pass on it
    The search continues
  6. Flush it a couple times w/new oil.Install a magnetized oil drain plug.And see how it & the oil looks.
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  7. A car like that may be worth it if its rust free. An assembled bottom end can be had for a little over a grand...or a nice 306... Screenshot_2017-09-12-15-15-05.png

    With the aftermarket parts on the car it may be worth it to put a known good block in it. After having the one in the car checked first of coarse.
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  8. Hey @cenok is family , where you been?

    How 'bout them Sooners!:banana:

    To th OP, yes, run away from it.
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  9. Have you checked the sc engines oil ( or lack of it) yet?
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  10. Yes i checked it.
    It was a little low, i would say a half quart maybe less. Im thinking thats because the car just ran and had not had time to drain back into the oil pan

    The oil was more of a grey color sorry should of clarified that earlier.
    Was told there is only 300 miles on the current oil change

    This is what the build sheet says

    The motor was professionally rebuilt. Edelbrock Performer heads with upgraded 600 lift springs, new head studs, Performance roller Trick Flow cam, new oem roller lifters, new proper length hardened push rods, new oil pump, water pump, all new gaskets and seals, 1.6 roller rockers, new true double row timing chain, ceramic coated shorty headers, billet adjustable fuel regulator, 24lb injectors, 73mm mass air meter, 255lph fuel pump, 70mm throttle body, cold air intake, Edelbrock performer RPM intake, ford racing plug wires, h-series rod and main bearings, high performance metric rings
  11. How much does he want for this car ? I think that's the biggest deciding factor...
  12. 8000 thats why im so worried about the oil,
    Its a really clean car. It was just repainted and the paint and body look amazing!

    There was $4500 invested in the engine build does that sound right?

    I appreciate everybodys commemts it a big help!
  13. No. Tomorrow.
  14. You can spend 4500 hundred bucks easy messing around with these motors, but grey motor oil with metal shaving on the dipstick would draw my balls up and butterflies would be flying around my stomach, something just don't seem right, Multiple oil changes? A clean painted fox of course has a certain amount of value, you didn't mention if it's a notch or hatch or even convertible but for 8 grand I wouldn't want my first mod to be a motor.
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  15. Its a GT hatch. I included a pic if anyone is cares to see it.
    I really dont want to spend 8 grand on a car that will need a rebuild a few months down the road.

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  16. Not a good deal for 8k.....4.5 - 5k I'd take the risk...but I'm also a mechanic and could rebuild the engine myself.
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  17. To quote my idol RUN
  18. 1800 mile engines don't have black oil metal shavings or not. The engine is not rebuilt. If the seller is lying about that, the trust is gone.

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  19. If you really like the car, and want to know exactly what is going on with the engine, spend $30 and have the oil tested at Blackstone labs:

    They will be able to identify any problems in the engine based on what they find in the oil. You get a very detailed report back on what the oil has in it and commentary on what they see going on in the engine based on what was found in the oil.
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