302 shortblock in sw burbs Chicago

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  1. Ford 306 shortblock plus some extras: pictures show valve covers, intake and oil pan, but the auction DOES NOT INCLUDE VALVE COVERS, INTAKE, OILPAN OR PICKUP)
    It does include the timing cover, harmonic balancer, and flexplate.
    Rods: stock ford
    Pistons: Probe flattop pistons
    Bolts: ARP
    Heads: World Products Heads (p/n 710032 casting number I-057 W J/R) See tech specs below.
    Cam: Elgin Industries (see specs below) (according to World Products they are the same casting as the Iron windsor jr heads they currently list on their site, but they are aluminum)
    Head Technical Specs:
    Casting ID Number: I-058
    Material: aluminum
    Valve Seats: Intake (integral), exhaust (hardened)
    Valve Guides: Integral cast iron
    Spring Seats: Machined for 1.560" and 1.250"
    Valves: Manley stainless steel valves in assemblies (inconel exhaust valves on marine applications)
    Valve Diameter: 1.940" intake, 1.600" exhaust (11/32" stem)
    Guide Plates: Special World part #830460-8
    Rocker Arm Studs: Screw-in style
    Rocker Arms: Adjustable rockers recommended. 1.6 ratio (use of 1.73 ratio will require elongation of pushrod holes)
    Intake Runner: 180cc, standard port location
    Exhaust Ports: 64cc, standard location (dual exhaust bolt pattern to accommodate large custom headers)
    Combustion Chamber: 58cc
    Spark Plug: 14mm 5/8" .460" reach tapered style
    Valve Job: Multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust
    Valve Cover Rail: Raised
    Valve Angle: Stock 20°
    Accessory Bolt Holes: Stock
    50-State Emissions legal
    Spring Specs
    1.250": 100 lbs. @ 1.810", 300 lbs. @ 1.250", coil bind @ 1.200", max lift @ .570"
    1.437": 125 lbs. @ 1.810", 340 lbs. @ 1.210", coil bind @ 1.160", max lift @ .600"
    1.550": 200 lbs. @ 1.900", 480 lbs. @ 1.200", coil bind @ 1.150", max lift @ .700"
    Head Flow @ .600 Lift
    236 intake, 169 exhaust (Super Flow 1050)
    254 intake, 176 exhaust (Super Flow 600)

    All heads flowed with a standard .750" intake plate, without exhaust tube, and 28" of water.

    Cam Details E-1018-P:
    Range Part Number Direction Cam Int Valve Int Advdur Int Timdur Int Open Int Close Int Overlap Lash Int Center Int Cyl Footnote
    C E-1018-P INT .318 .509 300° 222° 5° BTC 37° ABC 79° HYD 107° 8
    EXH .332 .532 309° 232° 55° BBC 3° BTC 117°

    here are some pictures. again, intake, oilpan/pickup, and valve covers do not come with the engine.
    302ford pictures by perrace - Photobucket

    can probably deliver to nmca st.louis race.
    [email protected]
  2. COMP RATIO 9.8
    hp 380 @ 6200
    tq 334 @ 5100

    it was done with a restrictive exhaust, small carb and not the best intake, add some better parts and these numbers should jump up a bunch
  3. if your interested in this i can make a deal on it, i can also complete it to make it a running longblock with whatever components you want on it, at additional costs. i can meet or beat the major parts catalogs pricing on most everything. let me know.
  4. ttt would make a great stocking stuffer
  5. bump still have the motor. looking to get rid of it. let me know if interested.

    [email protected]

  6. tax season is here put your return to use!!

    still have the motor just sitting on a stand in the back of the shop. It's never been installed in a car just had a few hours of dyno time testing out some timing chains. good 400hp motor for your project.
  7. friday bump!!

    springs almost here.
  8. still have time to get this in your car before spring.
  9. its getting nice out! come get this thing.
  10. bump
    still have the engine, its a nice start to get your car going. aluminum heads, forged pistons very close to 400 hp.
  11. engine

    do you have any fuel injected stuff
  12. had some, right now i dont have anything.
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