SOLD 302 Twin Turbo Complete Engine With T5 Trans

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by Eikki, Sep 22, 2013.

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  1. 459whp 506tq @ 7psi boost running with e85

    Ford Mustang 5.0 302 twin turbo
    DSS Forged pistons
    Arp rod bolts
    Arp head studs
    Comp Cams turbo camshaft
    GT40 aluminum heads with titanium valves
    Cometic head gasket
    Trickflow roller rockers
    New water pump
    New oil pump
    Double chain timing
    T3/T4 turbo headers
    T3/T4 turbos
    Delphi 95lbs/h injectors
    Mallory FPR
    ACT Streetlite flywheel
    King Cobra clutch
    T5 transmission

    Can add accessories if needed.

    Just make offers. Can ship it by buyers cost.
    On the car right now and can see it working.

    For more info e-mail or call 954-393- 4754. 10am-5pm ET
    [email protected]

  2. You must list an asking price and location per forum rules.
  3. Fort Lauderdale Florida.
    8000 obo
  4. Waiting offers. Everything works and is well built.
  5. 6000$. Can help with shipping.
  6. How about if I come pick it up? Also, what kind of car is it installed in in the last pic?
  7. You are welcome to pick it up.
    It was installed to E36 BMW
  8. Just make an offer. Will consider everything. Can even trade for something.
  9. Transmission is sale pending. So for engine there is a new price. 4999$.
  10. Betcha without all those harsh bends in the piping you'd pickup somevpower. GLWS
  11. I can pick up power even with those bends, bit can't go over 500hp with original block. That is the issue.
  12. Agreed, just wanted to give some input. CHEERS
  13. Offers welcome..
  14. Can part it out if there is enough interest.
  15. How many miles are on it? When and where was it built?
  16. In our company. A year ago. About 45 miles on the engine
  17. Was it a race car? Why so little miles in a years time?
  18. Yes on a racecar. And we were building the car most time so that's why so little seat time.
  19. Drag race or road race? Did the motor or turbo setup have any issues?
  20. No issues with the engine. And it was for Drifting. But sadly our driver does not like the setup and we will go to another way with the engine.
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Not open for further replies.