Expired 304 Stainless Steel Coolant Crossover Caps 4.6 Dohc

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  1. Tired of the little 1/4inch square plug breaking your ratchet?

    Buy one of my stainless steel replacement caps. 19mm hex (3/4 inch) with a #113 size o-ring for sealing.

    Threads are cut to be a class 2 fit (read loose) so there should not be a problem with it seizing again in the forseeable future.
    These are the same plugs that have been sold on the corral, lincolns of distinction and SVT performance.
    Price is the same as there $40 each shipped USPS flat rate. If you want ups or fedex that will cost extra.
    these parts are 100% American made by a veteran.

    Group buy discounts are available.
  2. I need to correct a statement in the post above. there is another person selling these caps on SVTperfomance. Mine are the same as the ones sold by 98Mark8LSC.
    I can also drill and tap the plug for 1/8 27 pipe threads for $5 more so you can use electrical/electronic temp gauges. I will not machine them for the mechanical gauges.
    Once I get my first run off the Mill I will post pictures.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.