305 iroc's are dogs?

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  1. my buddy just got a '94 caprice w/ a 305 in it, and that car is huge, im assuming it weighs A LOT more than my v6er stang, and if the 305's are dogs, would i have any sort of a chance at racing him, or would he waste me?

    (both cars are bone stock)
  2. you have about 30 or so less hp than him, and he has much more tq. (even though the TBI 305s were dogs, they were still V8s.) If it's a TPI 305, it'll be even better. You do have the weight advantage, but he's got the power. It'll be close.
  3. I don't think they used 305's in 94, it would either be a 4.3 (mini-LT1 V8), or LT1 5.7.
    The 4.3 was 200 hp 245 lb-ft, and the 5.7 was 260 hp 330 lb-ft.

    It weighs about 4200 pounds.

    The 5.7 runs about 15.4 in the quarter.

    If he's got the 4.3 you'd prolly win.
    If he's got the 5.7 he'd prolly win.
  4. you will not win
  5. lol well i coulda helped u out had u said 84 lol. for the record my buddy has an 83 el camino w/ a 305(auto) and it really doesnt put up much of a fight from a stop(if he can hook) or from a roll my 99+ v6 5spd will beat him outta the hole and just keep pulling away(i dont kill him but hes not catchin up)...just figured chevy 305....bout the same boatyness lol i dunno dont worry about losing and take him to the track to see what goes down.
  6. lay low with street racing mad p*gs out lately
  7. most TPI 350`s in the iroc or T/A will only run about a 16.5 quarter bone stock. when my 98 3.8 was stock i had no problem staying with them and my 97 firebird 3800 would just walk away from them
  8. no, the TPIs were better engines. More effecient, made more hp/tq, and MUCH easier to get power out of. It's the 305 TBIs that sucked the cajones.
  9. Didn't the TPI's come with roller cam and lefters also?
  10. you'll win i raced one at vir last year and beat it they shifts the slow...