306 , billet crank, ross, hardfilled 4 bolt main

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  1. new here but im on mustang forums, corral, s197 forums, and carolina rides, check me out im straight up and i have a good rep.

    306 ,ford production roller block, billet 4 bolt splayed mains, block half poured, billet crankshaft, race cut by the crankshaft specialist, 41 pounds, eagle h beam rods, ross pistons, calico coated bearings, 28 oz imbalance, new cam bearings, total seal gapless file fit rings filed for boost with stainless ring, arp head studs, arp main studs,arp oil pump driveshaft, milodon windage tray , pickup ,and pan all modified to fit this setup w/ the billet mains, 18:1 ford racing sfi damper with interchangeable weight, rpw sfi flexplate. all parts brand new except oil pan, damper and bare block. 0 miles fresh build .2500.00

    the guts in this motor far exceed my asking price. will entertain trade offers but must be reasonably valued. i have 6000 cash in this so im sucking up a huge loss. need a good commercial zero turn with low hours, 4 wheel drive 4 wheeler , what have you got???

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