Fox 306 Cylinder Head Rebuild

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  1. Looking to get my heads rebuilt on my 306. I believe I have a bent push rod that is causing the value seal to leak a little. Is there a certin kit I need to buy to rebuild the head? Also if I have a mechanic do the work, what should I expect it to cost with parts and labor? I have Systemax heads ported and polished. It's a built 306 about 400hp.

    If you guys can help me figure this out. That would be awesome.
  2. What are you symptoms that make you believe you have a bent push rod?
  3. Maybe I am missing something here. Bent pushrod= get a new pushrod= problem solved.

    Why do you need to rebuild the head? A little leak at a valve seal is nothing major and if you want to fix that simply replace that one seal with the head on. With both of the valves closed on that cylinder, use an air adapter screwed into the spark plug hole. Remove the rocker and use a valve spring compressor to remove the spring. Replace the faulty seal and reinstall the valve spring, rocker, new pushrod. Adjust the rocker arm. Replace the valve cover.
  4. Replacing just those parts makes sense.

    Symptoms would be a little smoke coming out of one of the tail pipes. But not leaks anywhere. Engine runs as good as ever.
  5. Bad Valve seals won't cause smoking while running. Maybe a puff of smoke at start up but that's it. I have no seals on all of the exhaust side valves in my motor and it doesn't smoke a bit. I think your issue is elsewhere.
  6. uh, no. Maybe bad valve guides but not seals. Maybe start from the beginning and tell us what the symptoms are. Pushrods rarely just bend unless you over rev the motor or have them improperly adjusted. Even the stock pushrods are good for 5500 rpm.
  7. I am uploading the video of the tail pipe smoke. I was thinking bad head gasket. But it runs fine and doesn't leak anywhere. So I am kinda hoping it's a cheap fix. The car has been sitting for about 3 years. I also just put in some racing oil so that seemed to make it better. Gonna take me a little bit to get the video up.
  8. Racing oil? Please explain if you don't mind.
  9. The previous owners had used the heavier weight oil. The engine was actual was built to be dragged and was for a season. The car was gutted for weight reduction. So I have been coverting back to a street car. Also the car is a carb converstion motor with a heater core bypass.
  10. Please don't take offense, but I haven't the foggiest idea as to what the hell you are talking about.
  11. Let me get the motor specs.
  12. Engine Specs:

    306 V8
    Holley Carb (650cfm)
    Holley Systemax Heads/Inktake
    Keith Black Flat top pistons
    Roller Rockers
    Summit Headers with flowmaster exhaust
    Pressurized Fuel lines with rear fuel pump.

    Lots more but that's all I got off the top of my head.
  13. Oh ya Anderson N71 cam
  14. Looks like you could have some stuck oil rings. Have you done a compression test yet?
  15. Ok I will give that a shot and see what comes up. It's suppose to have 10:1 compression I believe. So I will check that next.
  16. Hard to tell in the video, but are you sure it's not just water vapor?

    Also, without trying to be an ass, why do you think it's a 400 hp motor?
  17. I'm guessing it's the "Pressurized Fuel lines with rear fuel pump" and "racing oil" :confused:
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  18. Lol. Not at all. Just what I was told from the previous owner. I thought that was a bit high. I figure maybe 340-350 HP. I've seen crate engines built the same way that are 340 HP.
    I actually contacted the owner before him and he is trying to find his dyno sheet on the car and with the engine build sheets for me.

    This car was built in a town next to me where I grew up. So when I saw the title. I just couldn't let it go to waste. Trying to bring it back to life. They told it had been sitting for 3 years. But I seem to think it had been sitting longer. Still trying to piece the stories together. But from what I've been told be the 2 owners I've talked to. This car is no joke. So we'll see what happens when it hits NE Drayway next spring. Hopefully it does well. Taking it out Saturday for a real good run. So we'll see if it get's any worse.

    We should get some 1/4 predications going. lol.

    Does have 3:73's with posi.
  19. Like previously said, I would run a compression test first to see where it's at. A bent pushrod can definitely mess up a valve guide. Not sure it would show up on a compression test.