306 Ford Racing Crate Engine

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  1. info on the crate engine-

    E303 Camshaft - Automatic or Manual Transmission,
    shown with water pump, sold separately,306 cubic inch
    340 hp @ 5500 RPM,9.0:1 compression ratio (nominal) ,Forged Mahle Pistons 4.030"
    Aluminum Ford Racing "X" cylinder heads, M-6049-X306 with 1.94" intake valves and 1.54"
    valves (production is 1.78"/1.45"),50in/oz imbalance rotating assembly (common to 1981 and newer 302's)Seasoned block and precision ground crankshaft,"Ford Racing" polished aluminum valve covers M-6000-K302R,
    Production forged steel connecting rods, New production 4-bolt crankshaft damper M-6316-M50
    Hydraulic roller camshaft M-6250-E303.

    this will be backed with a T5 with either 3:50 or 3:70 gears

    does anybody have any experience with this engine and how it performs on the street? I know I can do better than 340hp but going from a 225hp 289 with a c4 2:80 gearing this will already be PLENTY enough more power also I like the
    of it being professionally built.

    Any thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc. appreciated
  2. I have no experience with this motor but I have been looking at it HARD. Its a good value and its from Ford. I can tell you that once u gear the rear to match that t-5...you will be all smiles when that 340 horses turns loose. My other motor I been eyeballing is the blueprint 347 with 415 horses...
  3. If you're going to spend money, go big > http://www.latemodelrestoration.com...ustang-Ford-Racing-Frpp-363-Boss-Crate-Engine

    If all you are looking for is 340 horses at the crank, get a '85 or '87-93 5.0HO, home port the E7TE heads, use the "E" bumpstick and you'll be darn close. Even better would be to rework some small chamber heads ( < '68) with home port, hardened seats with 351W valves and screw in rocker studs.

  4. I have this engine in my 67. It is a geat engine for the money. Runs strong and has a Ford warranty to boot. I'd buy another one without hessitation.
  5. would you recommend 3 50 gears or 3 70 gears?
  6. Depends on which t5 you have. If it has the 2.95 first gear the id probably do 3.70 if the 3.31 first the 3.50
  7. Hi,
    For the engine deal, research Ford Strokers, they put together some super blocks both long and short. Plus you get custom knowledgeable support and access to custom cam profiles. As for the gearing, I run a T5z (.63 5th) w/2.95 1st. A 3.70 might be too low, especially with a 3.31 Ist! I run a 3.55 and it all works well.
    happy trails!
  8. Ive got a Ford Strokers 347 in my 70 very happy with it - great engine, quality parts, and excellent customer service. I have a 66 I'm building now that I don't have the same "need for speed" and seriously considering the ford racing 306. Matter of fact I talked to Ford Strokers about building something similiar and he said not cost effective for them since Ford Racing does in such quantity they can get much better pricing on components.
  9. my fastback had one of those motors in it when I purchased it, I had a top loader 4 spd and 3.90 gear at the time. The car was fun to drive plenty of power for having fun with. That said I had a little 408w laying around and the rest is history...see sig
  10. Hi
    I agree, a 306 after a running 347 would not be a legitimate choice and use of funds. Anyone seeking a 306 (only a .o40 over a 302) would be seeking a a basically stock 302 perhaps with a little energy added. A agree, as well, FordStrokers would not seek such a venture. Good Luck with FMS.