306+what= 325 streetable horsepower

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  1. lol very very very funny! :lol:

  2. Lol - You forgot to mention (imagine that :rolleyes: :rlaugh: ) that he is "putting a 150 shot of nitrous to it. my comp. is 10.1:1."

    I would chose AFR 185's as well...but is that what this guy in question is doing...


  3. Yes, I did my deed for the day :)

  4. Does the nitrous change what power would be said to be made? And does the 10.1:1 compression make it not streetable or a daily driver? :shrug:

    I must admit David you are VERY good with words...but come on man. You gotta admit...you take a lot of this crap too far :rolleyes:

  5. I know what your saying about my posting styles but I can't stand that kind of bias and misleading (more the latter). He was basically wanting him to look at Ed's response (no mention of the original question about nitrous/compression/goals on the car). That is similar to me showing someone a 347 engine thread and say look at Ed's response - He suggested AFR's 225's with that blower as well. :shrug: That just don't fly with me...

    I take it "too far" because I can't stand misleading. You know what I'm talking about...

    You do act very mature in your discussions (I'm being serious)...more so than my "silly" ways...

    If it isn't what grn92lx has or wants then it isn't the right thing :shrug:

    Edit: Oopss...almost forgot...but that compression is fine (even in my opinion) but that nitrous is what I was adding it to. The AFR 185's will be able to better use that nitrous...but we were talking about a N/A 306...not adding nitrous which can change the cam design/heads/gearing/etc. Bad suggestion by grn92lx...
  6. Wow talk about having your head far up you ass. That has to be the most ignorant comment I have ever read on here.
  7. I'm in the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) union thanks for asking :D I'm a 4th year apprentice.

    Dave on my 302 I did run a 24 lb maf and 30lb injectors but I used a pto m optomizer to dial it in. It idled pretty good wit that usually. W/o it it wouldn't.

    So adding an aftermarket flat top piston like a probe or a JE wouldn't add compression?? I thought were were talking about a n/a 306 which requires a new piston?

    What do you mean "if it isn't what Grn92LX wants or has"?? I do NOT have afr 185's on my car. My friend happens to have a 306 with them though but the combo isn't running. Should run decent when we're done. Yu need to realize this is the internet :D I think you also have lots of built up tension and maybe getting laid would calm you down :p Gotta go head to my full time job. I'll read everyone of my quoted sentences when I get back :nice:
  8. :rolleyes: Isn't that the truth.........because someone else did it - do the same thing and you'll get the very same results..........

    NOT :nonono:
  9. I'd say it's one of the most arrogant statements I've seen...........

  10. I spoke with ED at FTI when I was building my 306 and he suggested adamately that I use the AFR 165s and edelbrock because of better velocity over the the 185s. He said to use the 185s if I stroked the engine to 331 or 347. Definitely talk to him and see what he has to say. I did not do a custom cam I bought an off the shelf lunati because of emission reasons and I didn't know about Tweecer either. Other than that I would have gone radical with the cam. I used Probe pisons with deep valve relief which can handle larger valves and .600 lift cam (future upgrades one day ---maybe). I don't know my RWHP or RWT because the engine is still new with only about 150 miles - don't want to take it to the dyno just yet and I have not gotten my Tweecer up and running. Just One Man's Opnion. Peace

  11. Yes, upgrade the springs and valves (about $185). Order your heads from AFR and have them do all the mill work and upgrades when they build it. That's what I did. You don't want some shister working on them when the people that build them will build them the way you want it. I had them mill my heads to 54cc correct the the intake plane and upgrade the springs and valves for $150 and 185, respectively. The same price that others charge for the same service. Oh and take some pictures of those beauties.

  12. Dont forget that max lift doesnt really take away from p-v clearance. Its about the duration at the lift figure that hurts ya :nice:

  13. I just read Ed's response and one thing I noticed is that the original poster stated that he would add 150 shot of NOS. So does Ed's prediction of 400 RWHP include the NOS or is it on the engine alone? To me it sounds like it's with the NOS. Just One Man's Opinion. Peace

  14. Haha yea i thought that at first too...but if you think about it that means he would only make 250rwhp. :p
  15. That's cool...I was just trying to figure out why you come across so (as quoted) 'arrogant' with your comments. Sounds like your doing well (seriously)...that is good.

    So why didn't you mention that piece of info? It still is not ideal...you could get it to idle but overall it wasn't probably running to peak. Don't use info like that when you try to twist it.

    It could add compression but that is not what was being talked about. I even said that it wasn't that much compression...the thing was that he was using 150 shot of nitrous (that effects the head decison). Why would you compare a N/A 306 to a 150shotted 306 :shrug:

    Look at methodical's post...and see what he put for his choice. Yep Ed Curtis himself said that and I didn't add a twist like you so often seem to do.

    I meant exactly what I put and so do many people that keep up with your post. If it isn't what you have or what you suggest it is the "wrong" thing to do or the "slow" thing :shrug:

    You make comments like "you don't need afr's to go fast" when the question will say "how is this combo"? You use your little persuasiveness when it isn't even needed. They added a simple question but you have to throw a "afr comment" in to get rid of your own afr envy :shrug: Or how it should run "decent"...but if it had smaller TW's you would say it should "rock" or run "strong" :p Built up tension?...lol. Yeah...not :) I'm very relaxed...I am one of the most easy to get along with guys. Down to earth describes me but I have my pet peeves...for those who are deceivers/liars/misleaders :flag:

    Well I got to go work 60-65 hours a week (2 jobs)...so I'll be back :nice: Good luck with your full time...
  16. Methodical - Thanks for posting Ed's thoughts:nice: I had the same consensus...

  17. Well....the two combos on juice will be different in how they respond. But N/A is N/A when you arent using the juice. If you plan a combo to respond better on the juice than thats GREAT for you. But you CAN compare the two combos when the juice is not being used. Yea they have two different goals but comparing a combo based off its n/a performance and another motor built for n/a performance doesnt matter. The fact that nitrous is used doesnt have anything to do with it unless its actually being sprayed. Unless im missing something :shrug:

    And again on "ed's comments"....i wish the big bad man himself would come in here and shut everyone up. His "comments" cant include the juice because that would mean the combo would be performing at a terribly low level. Even if the juice accounted for 100rwhp of the 150 shot it got, that gives the motor only 300rwhp which i doubt Ed was saying but IS possible. I just seriously doubt it.
  18. Overall, can you tell me how the car feels, etc.... manners etc...? i may Pm you and ask you some questions, etc. if it wouldn't be a bother...

    This is kinda what i was looking for, i wish more of te people who have DONE this kind of combo would chime in...


  19. Well actually from what i have read, etc. a nitrous motor that is build for that purpose only, will not make as much horsepower N/A. Most people would use a nitrous cam designed to expell the nitrous quicker.... you know more favorable to the exhaust. In a naturally aspirated car I think that this would hurt performance. Not to mention, they would pretty much have to run a lower compression ration with a 150 shot..... that or it seems it would be pretty easy to blow it up....

  20. So after kinda reread the link etc..... It seems that ed is kinda telling him to go with the 185's because of the nitrous..... so when he sprays it , it will accomodate the denser air.....????

    I haven't called FTI yet, have had to work some 12 hour shifts so far this week, and i haven't set aside the time yet...