306+what= 325 streetable horsepower

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  1. No jason, I don't have a flow bench. I did have access years ago, but I've been doing this for so many years (long before I did these Fords) that I have a very good feel for what a combo needs based on past experience - and I think my results show it when the combo's tune is right. I like it when customers might get an intake flow tested - but the REAL story is at the track.
  2. Just a heads up Jason, as you probably already know this, but it will wont just be a drop in and enjoy. As Paul as mentioned, he has worked on his car and his fathers car for YEARS to get it to the point of being "satisfied". But hopefully you wont have any big problems...just make sure you do everything right the first time so that you just have to "tinker" with it to get it running the way it should.

    Good luck bro and keep us all updated :flag:
  3. should be close, witht he reburn of a chip....... I will have the long block completed or 99% complete before pull my motor...........


    Paul i will give you an e-mail tomm...... just got off from being called in to work.......
  4. Yeah, I agree with the bucking. I can lug my car down to 1000 rpms in any gear with no bucking. Ed does some wicked cams for sure. Jason, just email me jstrette @mtu.edu

  5. Jake

    I am so glad you shared that info. I have been meaning to ask you how good your drivability is with your combo. I suspect your cam is a bit hotter with the specs than mine. The other big difference between your combo and a lot of the other AFR/FTI combos is your ported lower.

    In the eariler part of this mammoth thread I told Jason I strongly suspected you could go to about 350 rwhp with a stock block before drivability started to suffer.

    IMHO, your cam specs would cause drivability issues more so than the additional air flow form your intake. Again you say no drivability issues are present and that all the more makes me think my original thoughts are right on track and obtainable.

    btw, what kind of gain do you expect from going over to the rpm upper?

  6. i am curious as well........

    Why not just have someone por the upper since it is so easily acessible.........you will have the airflow, and still have your longer runners.....

    i am a novice at best when it comes to ported stuff so that really is a question>> lol

  7. Wow Jason

    This thread has kind of become popular hasn't it?

    I have been thinking of things other than tuning for a 350 rwhp stock short block or a 306 that would be helpful and exhaust has been on my mind.

    The typical headers you see for most 300 rwhp combos are 1 & 5/8 inch Street lt's by BBK or Mac.

    I suspect that the ball & socket connection at the collector is gonna be more restrictive for a 350 goal than the typical 300 goal.

    I've thought about cutting mine off and going to the old three bolt style for more flow.

    Any thoughts from the rest of you?

  8. Grady i was thinking of buying a set someone has local, and converting them to a slip fit style, and doing my x-pipe the same way.... i think it could work with minimal effort.....

  9. Thats definatly one of the restrictions on my combo. The bbk collector is 3" BUT it necks down to under 2.5" at the end of the collector. Thats a restriction along with a 2.5" mid pipe on my set up. But it doesn't really make sense IMO to run a 3" mid pipe when the end of the collector you're bolting that 3" pipe to is less than 2.5".
  10. Exhaust is an importnat part of your goals. Once you get up around the 300RWHP mark you need to start thinking about what you guys are talking about. Going to a 3" system is a good move past there.
  11. There is power hidden there in that Eddlebrock lower once the combo demands exceed it's capability to deliver.............

    mythight95 - rather than spend a bunch of money porting the Performer upper, try the RPM upper first.
  12. yeah but unless you go with a 3:" midpipe, as well as catback, what good are the headers doing you? Or is it ok to do that.....

    What are the usual do's and don'ts, i have been wanting to buy some spintech's anyhow.... and dump them....lol I LIKE NOISE


  13. So you can upgrade the rest of the exhaust later as its needed.

    Cant go wrong with spintechs...one word for my setup.....nope. make that one face cause i cant even get words out.... :drool:
  14. The cam grinder can play with the timing events and make a restricted exhaust work. Though i'd say that can effect the "streetability" of the cam for those who are nit picky.

    Talk with whoever is helping you design the combo and follow their advice as best as your wallet can and you'll have a street car that will rock!
  15. I agree and one more thing about your statememt.

    With stuff like exhaust, tb's and other bolt ons, do the cam & heads with your long term goals in mind.

    You may not be able to afford the intake, headers, etc of your choice when putting the combo together but ..............................................

    you can always upgrade that kind of stuff later as funds allow.

    Just don't choose heads & cam based on what you now got if you see what I'm trying to say.

    Same thing about our pcm's too.

    To me it doesn't make sense to pick a cam and let the pcm dictate your choice as that kind of thinking will only leave power on the table.

  16. On the bucking...my car bucks at lower rpms around 1300rpm or so. It doesn't have a tune though but drives fine other than that.

    My cam is a .560 lift cam to show it is fairly aggressive I guess. I don't give the other specs...the exhaust lift is very similar. stock 302 bottomend.

  17. This is exactly what i had in mind, i was having my intake powdercoated, and my 3 month old BBk TB got messed up..... i told them what to do and they agreed, they ran it through the system and messed it up.... melted bearing keepers etc...... so when they pay for that i may just get a 75mm for good measure knowing where i am going..... Not to mention the powdercoat bubbled up badly, and they said it was because it was cast aluminum... psssshhhh... I then told them when they did my stock intake it looked great, and asked them what was wrong with it this time........ anyhow.. rant over :OT:

    but i have been thinking of going L/T, o/r dr gas x, and spintechs for a while this would just give me an excuse.....


  18. Minus that Dr. gas and get the d-pipe. Its cheaper and sounds better :shrug: But honestly, i dont know exactly since i have not had a dr gas...just what i have heard on the net.
  19. H pipes make more power than X pipes on average. Go to the drags and see how many X pipes versus H pipes you find.
  20. The length of a 2.5" system behind the headers is more restriction than a 3" system the same length regardless of the 2.5" cone. It's just like runner cross section/length relationship..........