306+what= 325 streetable horsepower

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  1. FINALLY! After getting my Accufab headers and talking with George Klass he told me that they have done tests and h-pipes always made more power. Why do so many people think x's make more power? Another internet myth?

    Now....i wonder where my d-pipe falls into this picture :p
  2. Some people know the real deal and some don't - that's the problem with the "internet experts". No way to tell who knows his shat and who doesn't. Do LOTS of reasearch before you take anybodies recommendation to heart. That is one of hte reasons I load as much real world info on my site as possible.

  3. Tom,

    FWIW... I tend to want customers to run X pipes in most dual purpose applications. Just seems to make more average HP/Tq than the H in my dumbass testing.

    Why do a lot of people racing use H pipes? Because they have them. There is a lot of "Monkey see, monkey do" in racing too... :shrug:

    Also... we run "both" the X and H system in our PS cars. Some day I may have to explain that one. ;)


  4. Yea...thats the first and biggest lesson i learned on here when i started modding. It has always amazed me how much the myths you read about and the facts professionals like yourself, ed c, george klass, and any other professional tells you differ. :nonono:
  5. I like the fact that this thread has drawn the kind of attention and people to which you speak of.

    It is good to have SUCCESSFUL , and PROFFESSIONAL, people to aid you in your decision making...

  6. WERD!!

    Thanks Ed, Thanks Tom... Thanks to all the others...interesting stuff!
  7. Thanks Ed, all expert advice is great. I agree about "dual applications" but the evidence I have accumulated pushes me towards using an H for max HP - but an "explanation" would be great "someday" too. :nice:

    One of the funniest "monkey see" stories I read about was the "sqaure end" configuration of the zoomie pipes that I think George posted on the other website

    When it comes to engine combos, I'm not in the same league as those guys. My best expertise is in making intake manifolds flow very efficiently. Althougth I've been doing in this stuff since I was in High School and have a good idea about what works and what doesn't - I'm not on the cutting edge of engine building. I "know my limitations" and my ego is in check.
  8. Tom, i don't think anyone could ever accuse you of trying to be overbearing with your knowledge. Everytime you post something you have the DATA to back it up.... I highly respect someone who posts, helps, and generally gives imput as much as you do....

    plus you do a really good job at porting from what i have seen....was gonna have you port the cobra i bought but i thought the performer a better starting point..

  9. Overall, the car feels and pulls strong. I love it. I am still trying to get my Tweecer installed so that I can do some tuning. I am afraid to put it on the dyno just yet because the motor is still a virgin. You can PM with all the questions you have. Just One Man's Opinion. Peace.
  10. Just curious

    MyTight 95 how did your combo turn out? What did you finally install? What kind of power are pulling?

  11. havent heard them dumped. i have them with tail pipes and i love them. L O U D but in a good way. they still have a tone.