306 with turbo vs 347

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Wood79, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. a buddy and me had a diff of opp. the other day. i was hopeng to get someof your opps about it.
    --this is kinda a long story so,sorry---

    i'm shiping out to iraq soon with my nat gaurd unit. the pay over there in iraq is realy good and tax free :flag: :nice: so i sold the truck and am going to pay off all my bills :banana: and my girl is buying me a fox body to have when i get home. so any way after doing the math i foind that after paying all my cc bill i should have about 7-10 grand in the bank. a buddy was saying i sould get a 347 long block from a place like coast or d.s.s. and that more cubes can't be beat. i was thinking a freash built 306 a single turbo @ about 10psi of boost with eather a stock heads,cam and intake. or his used 94 corba heads,cam with stock intake (he is doing heads and cam on his corba this summer.)

    -i whant to make lots of power and be in the 12's but also be able to drive it to work everyday. as far as cash goins most of the money will go to drivetrain but i still whant some to get a freash paint job and rims.

    -so what route do you guys think is better? i like the turbo idea but think the 347 might be cheaper
  2. You should be able to put a fox body in the 12's comfortably with a good N/A 302. If you are rebuilding the motor in any case, I think you're right about the 347 being cheaper. But your power potential with the boosted 306 is better (and it'll be stronger than the 347). Personally, my plan for making silly power is going to be 302 + turbo.