3070z to SC GT or GT500

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  1. I am the current owner of a 2010 370z. I'm looking into trading in for a super charged mustang. I've got about 3 options that I know of an maybe you guys can tell me a few more...


    1. Wait for the 2013 GT 500. I know expectation is around $60k that's a little too much but if it comes in $55k of less I could see myself pushing for it.

    2. Get a 2012 GT 500. I've done a little research and found some fully loaded coupes out about $50k.

    3. Get a 2013 GT (boss maybe) and have a ford racing Super Chager installed.

    This car will be my daily driver. One thing I've learned about my Z is that occasionally I have problems with the number of seats (I have 3 kids). The number one complaint I hear about mustang back seats is that they don't have a lot of room. Ive looked at them but never sat back there. I figure they will work getting the kids to and from practice.

    What do you think of the glass roof option? I've nevered tracked a car and if I ever do it would be for fun not competition.

    Any advise and info for the new guy will be great.
  2. Personally Id do a BOSS and add some boost to it down the road, however the cost might be more then the 2013 Shelby option, which you can not go wrong with. Car seats are a PIA in the rear depending how old your kids are.
  3. I'd go with the 2013 Shelby, if finances are available. If not, go with the BOSS.

    As far as the back seats go, I have a 2012 GT and I have a car seat in the back of mine. Nevertheless, Mustangs will have more back seat room than your 370z. The back seats are prolly best you could ask for in a sports car.

    I have a friend who has a glass roof on his 2010 GT, and he does not like it. It has a shade that pulls close that looks cheap. Also, my friend has black leather. He says it gets so hot in there, because of the large extra window. They look great, but I would recommend not getting one.
  4. Ill try to give my opinion regarding to the cars you are considering as I owned/rode in them.

    If you really want something with a supercharger on. then just go with the GT500. You don't want the headaches of modding a high compression car if you can afford a GT500. But then you should know those GT500 have a mpg worse than a truck. I only manage 14 mpg mixed driving mine(2009). My friend with a 2012 GT500 that is bone stock gets a slightly better 17 mpg.

    I think a boss is an overrated GT and I know ill get alot of hate for saying it but thats my opinion. you are paying extra for some stripes and couple of suspension bits that you know well you aren't going to fully benefit from unless you roadrace your way to work :p

    The seats on the stang are ok if you are willing to sacrifice abit of comfort yourself for the back passengers.

    If it was my money I'd pick an older 2008-2009 GT500 with the svt package and call it a day. The newer ones up to 2012 are the same basically aside from the Alum block and an air intake/updated interior/exterior. To me the 2010-2012 range makes little sense to justify the cost. If you want a 2013 and have the money for it go for it as it looks good and has an updated drivetrain and is a proper car.
  5. That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard............the Boss is so much more that a regular GT that you cannot just bolt the Boss parts on a GT. The way the Boss is made is unique from the GT. "Stripes and suspension bits" WOW! really? Dude you have no idea how much the 2 cars are different. Just the engine alone has hundreds of differences both inside and out. The list of differences between the 2 cars is to long for me to spend the time here listing them..................it makes me wonder if you have actually even sat in one, let alone go for a ride or drive one.