$30k Markup, Are They Nuts?

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  1. Or am I nuts for thinking that a $30k markup on the 2008 GT500 I saw in the showroom today at Huntington Beach Ford will actually fly with someone?

    Do the dealers actually get this kind of cash for what is essentially a souped up Mustang?
  2. The joys of some ass hat , who dosnt know how to appeal to the public, They apparntly think that if they put a HUGE price tag on it, it makes it extra "special"
    edition. some kid with a rich mommy and daddy that dont know any better will buy it with out even haggling over the price .............soooo sad !
  3. Just blows me away.

    Even on a Ford GT I can't imagine a $30k markup.

    Oh well, if someone's dumb ebough to pay it, why not take it...
  4. It wasn't a GT500KR by any chance was it? I'd imagine you would've noticed that, but I could see a dealer successfully getting 30K over for the KR. Or Super Snake or whatever they are calling it.

    But yeah, 30k is ridiculous, especially when you look at ebay and you can get the 2008's at a $7500 markup or less.
  5. Nope, just a regular GT500.

    It had a nav system in it. Maybe that's why... :)
  6. Of course the nav system explains it. The buyer needs that to find his brain, which is where it doesn't get much sunlight. Just my opinion.
  7. I can't believe that dealers are still getting any markup. Few are paying it, and very few are paying over $5k. At $30k, the Stealership is obviously not wanting to sell it.
  8. I check cars.com all the time and there are always used GT 500's with like 1 or 2 thousand miles on them out there for like list! :nice: Just need to check around!
  9. Maybe they think, since it's a 2008 model, that they can ask markup all year until the 2009 comes out, and maybe some sap will pay it.
    Until then, they have it on the lot looking cool...
  10. The dealer I bought both my 07 GTs from are pricing the GT500s with 25K mark ups. Retarded. When I worked for Gary Yeomans Ford in Florida, they got 380K for the first three Ford GTs they got. Rediculous. I can see it more for the Ford GT, but the Mustang...? That's retarded. :nonono:
  11. Ditto here at my local dealer outside Philly. I asked the salesman if they were serious and he instantly went into "oh well if you're interested we could talk about it..."

    Way to go moron, if you're just going to knock off a portion of that immediately you should do it from the start because a $25k dealer mark-up just makes YOU guys look like ***HOLES. I could see maybe showing the markup as $10 and letting it go for 5 or 7 over. But come on, how stupid can you be.
  12. I later found out that somebody purchased it (don't know if they paid full price... but probably did: read on).

    The guy blew the transmission within the first 3 days and it was back at the dealer to be repaired. ... whole lot of FAIL going on there.
  13. My dealer had an 07 GT 500 with 17.000$ mark up, I was there ordering floor mats for the fusion. Two days later I went back to pick up the mats and the shelby was sold and gone. My sales lady said a guy from Lagrange came in and bought it with no argument.
  14. I just drop my car off at Heritage Ford in Modesto for some warranty work. They had a GT500 with a $40K markup and 3 Shelby GT's with $10K markups.
  15. Let me have my '06 and $40K and I'll mod my car with F/I(better internals), various other goodies, buy a daily driver and still have at least $20-25K to my name! It will be great for us consumers as soon as the Challenger and Camaro hit the streets. That should quickly drop the ridiculous ADMs...hopefully:nonono:
  16. Many dealers apparently are insane and don't care about Ford corporate of their customers. Greed apparently is their god.