31 Model A question?

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  1. So me and my friend are cleaning out his grandpas garage so we will have a place to work on our race car project (in case your wondering noting really great 88 Sunbird where going to drop a 3.1 V6 in it, it will make a decent weekend racer :D ). Well in this garage is his grandpas 31 Model A. From what his grandma tells us all it needs to get back on the road is some wiring and some steering parts from what we can gather by moving it. :shrug: I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to get some info on these cars? Or forums? Cool thing is his grandma will likely be funding the resto. It was running and driving about 10 years ago and has been stored inside and covered since. Its in great shape and is really a trip back in time to sit in this thing with the top down and the rumble seat up. :flag:
    Thanks for any help.
    (I was going to post it AAG but figured my chances where better here)
  2. Try the Hemmings Magazine website to get started www.hemmings.com I believe.
  3. Well I posted in there forums but the last post there was back in September. :rlaugh: So yah I'm not holding my breath.
    Checking out this fordbarn place Dunno anything about it yet....