315-35-17 Nitto 555r Drag Radials

Discussion in 'Wheels Tires Brakes' started by joshwfl, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Looking to trade for a set of street tires as my car has never seen the track, and probably never will.
  2. Willing to sell? Where located?
  3. Winter Haven FL, 33880. I'd sell, but prefer to trade as I don't have another set of tires to put on at the moment.
  4. Have nothing to trade because I have drag radials on the back that I need to replace. I live in the Tampa area. Cheapest I've seen online is 340 for 2 shipped. What would you sell them for? By the way, nice car. Good looking choice on the wheels.
  5. Wow, where did you find them for $340 shipped and was that new?
  6. Onlinetires.com New. And Discount Tire Direct has them for about the same. If you decide to sell them, check out the sites for what you want, print out the final total with shipping page, then take it to Tire Kingdom. I spoke to my local T.K., and they said that they would match or beat the price with shipping included!! Pretty good deal.
    Thoughts on prices for yours yet?
  7. Check your pm's
  8. Bump, willing to sell as well.
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