315 on 17x9? will it work?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by dragginuts, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, currently I'm running the stock wheels with 275 nittos all the way around, its ok but i'm getting the 10th anniversary wheels soon (for xmas) and I was wondering if I could fit a 315 nitto DR out back on these 17x9s? I like the tire bulge that my 275s have right now on the stockers, but will it be too much? Will it make my car unsafe? Also anyone got an ETA on the pRedator, mine's on order, but I wanna know if anyone has heard a date on the release yet? One more ?...does anyone have a DR GAS X with SLP loudmouth exhaust yet, if so what does it sound like and what about power gains... my setup is getting old and I wanna go with the DR GAS. Thanks ahead of time guys.
  2. That's way to wide for a 9inch rim. People have done it but I wouldn't recomend it.
  3. That is perfectly fine, there are some nuts that are putting 315's on the stock GT rims.
  4. my friend has 315's on his 18X9.5 cobra R's and he says that the back end feels loose :shrug:

    I went with 275's for mine and they're 18X9.5 too. They come out just a tad past the lip of the rim.
  5. You need a 10" wide wheel or larger for 315s. With a 9" I would NOT go over 285s. If you're considering changing exhaust look at long tubes if you change your midpipe. I wish I would have.
  6. aren't the nitto's a little more narrow than most tires :shrug: if so i would think that would work fine :nice:
  7. Most people don't recommend going larger than a 275 tire on a 9" rim although it can be done. Steeda will say to put a 275 tire on their wheels but that a 315 will also work with a little bulge. There are a ton of 03 cobra guys on www.svtperformance.com running 315s (only in nittos) with no issues at all. Just remember 275s are gonna' be the best and safest fit.
  8. bump...are there any 305 drs out there, or maybe 295s or dare i say 285s? I love nittos, they need to make some different sizes.
  9. My Nitto 275 was smaller than my Khumo 255 if that helps you at all.
  10. Which cobra 10 annv. wheels are you getting.I cant decide between the two.Thats what i'm getting at the start of the year also
  11. I'm getting the original ones, my car is black so i think the darker grey will look better.
  12. ok let me jump on this thread also. If i wanted to get an extra pair of the 17 in Bullet wheels to use for either DOT slicks or Drag radials are there any out there (dot slicks 0r DR's) of the correct size to work with these wheels ??
  13. I received mine in the mail two days ago. They have the SVT emblem on the wheel, but not lugnuts. I ordered mine from tirerack.com and they supplied the lugnuts for N/C. Of course now I found a place that is selling them for 129 apiece and another for 149 (buyfordracing.com) Sorry, but can't remember the name of the place selling them for 129. I hope this helps any one wanting the wheels. This is for the person who has a black car. This is how they will look.


    BTW putting a 315 tire on a 9 inch wheel is like a women wearing a size 5 shoe when she has a size 8 foot.
  14. A cheap set of 16" v6 rims will be better. The smaller the wheel the better is what I alway see.
  15. Exactly....finally....

    You cannot put a 315 on a 9in rim...period. Why do people insist on wanting to try this even though it's been stated repeatedly it is not safe?
  16. I've always preferred saying "You can fit a 400# chick in a bikini, but that doesn't make it right"....I should copyright that.... :D
  17. Actually I was at the show today, a guy with 315 nitto drs on the same wheels i'm getting, and they bulged less than my 275s on the 17x8s...so yes it does work, I asked him if he ever had any problems and he said no and that it hooked very well. He said his buddy had the same setup and never had any problems either, so nitto will work...any other drs i dont know.
  18. stock 03 cobra has 17 x 9 stock and people do it all the time but 10" or wider looks better.
  19. Oh jesus....this is starting to get really ridiculous...

    275's on an 8" rim is just as stupid.

    Who really gives a F if it hooks? Do a search, I'm tired of typing the same damn thing over and over.

    Putting a 315 on a 9" rim is not safe, I don't care how many people do it. One of these days someone is going to wreck their car.

    The FACTS (not the irrelevant stupid "I've seen guys do it") are that while a 315 might indeed fit on a 9, that doesn't mean ****. Does it hook? Who cares. It will hook better on a 10, 10.5 or 11" rim like it was designed to be on. You are better off putting a 275 on a 9" rim as you will get more surface are to the ground than a ridiculously bulging 315.

    Excuse the rant, but it's people talking out of their a$$ like this giving tech advice to people that pisses me off. This has been discussed at least two dozen times, and every time it's the same thing....IT WILL WORK, BUT IT'S NOT RIGHT!