315 on 17x9? will it work?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by dragginuts, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Nittos are skinnier it may fit OK but I don't know for sure, here's a pics of a 315/35-17 on a 10.5" you can see how they look, the side wall is perfectly flat so if you take 1½" off the wheel you'll have some "bulge" for sure..


    Front tires are 275/45-17 on a 9" rim and there is some bulge but not much.. :shrug:
  2. 275s on a 9 is perfect.
  3. One more..

    Here's how wide a Nitto 315/35-17 is when it's not mounted on a wheel so do the math yourself..If you look at the tape mesure you'll see where the 9" mark is...I'm not saying it does fit of not I just found this picture on my PC so I thought you'll be intetrested to see it..

  4. An inch bulge on each side doesnt seem so bad, i dunno i would have to measure my tires now...but actually i was reading the new "5.0 Mustang" mag and there is a guy in there that has a feature of his 03 cobra with the regular rims (17x9s) running the BFG 315s...now arent these wider than the nittos? They looked huge. But he ran an 11.xx time on them. I'm not saying this is right, but i was just asking if it would work temporarily for maybe some runs at the track or something? I was thinking about buying an extra set since they dont make the 10th anns in 17x10.5s.
  5. A 315 will indeed fit on a 9" rim - but that doesn't make it right.

    In a straight line ONLY application you can get away with it, however a 315 on a 9" rim will not yield the same contact patch as it will on a 10.5 or 11" rim - so why bother? Sure you can say you're running a 315, but a 275 will have close to, if not the same contact patch due to the fact that with the 9" rim, you will not be utilizing the entire tire.

    For a daily driver, a car that actually turns at speed and drives in inclimate weather, is it really worth it to be "cool"?

    Find one of the aftermarket companies, I'm sure someone has to already be making those rims or is in the process of having them ready.....check AFS first.
  6. here's an interesting tidbit. I spoke with 5 different tire shops in my area and just "theoretically" asked if they had any 315's that I could buy and them mount on my 18X9.5's and they said they did have some but they refused to mount them due to safety precautions.

    This weekend I also got a chance to ride on a few errands with my friend with the 315's and as we went around corners, it felt like the car was sliding but it wasn't. I actually got scared the first time it happened because I thought one of the back tires was coming off!!

    Yeah they look nice being all fat and there's a bulge but I just couldn't get used to that feeling. :notnice:
  7. Very well put....and that was probably only at cruising speed I would suspect. Combine that with the way some guys like to race from stop light to stop light in/out of traffic, it's just asking for trouble.

    If you want 315's buy rims, or just stick to 275s.