$31K for a used 05 GT

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  1. Wife wanted to go look at em yesterday, $31900 for one with 500 miles according to salesman (window sticker said 13500 miles), I almost choked on my tongue, so needless to say she will not be getting an 05, what is everyone else seeing regarding price?
  2. Used GT's here in Texas go for as much as a new GT - go figure. What are you looking for? Stick? Auto? Color? What did the used GT have (was it the premioum package; manual / auto; both IUP's; Leather or Cloth; interior accent package; Side air bags; Shaker 1000 etc.) I know of a Torch Red GT with Auto loaded except for Shaker 1000 for sale for $28,000 which is under MSRP with 5600 miles on it.
  3. Give it some time, a year or so and you will have plenty to pick from way under sticker.
  4. same is happening here in the NE.
    I was looking at a loaded sonic blue GT with 3300miles and they wanted $32,000. I said yea right and walked away.
  5. was that lithia?
  6. Those days are numbered.
  7. Hell, only paid $29500 for a brand new premium gt vert.
  8. Last October I payed D-Plan $25,850 for my fully loaded 2005 Mustang GT.
  9. Herb Chamber Ford In MASS.
  10. :hail2: :hail2: Wow! I'm speechless. That is an incredible price. Congrats!
  11. yeah thats BS. I paid 26,000 for a Black GT/Red Int/Shaker1000, you just have to look around man
  12. just x plan price. no biggie
  13. Sad Thing Is There Are People Stupid Enough To Pay That Much
  14. I wouldn't pay 31,900 for a brand new one let alone a used one.
  15. A local dealer has been trying to get 32K for a demo car. It sat for two or three months, then they added some poorly done stripes to it, apparently to "justify" the huge price hike. Now, it's been sitting for two months with the ugly stripes as they "gradually" drop the price. :rlaugh: As a joke, I might stop by and offer them 25K, IF they remove the ugly stripes.
  16. Is $26900 a good price for a 2005 with 3000miles? A local auto broker is selling one... it's beautiful, black, 5-speed and has the shaker 500 (not 1000..)
  17. Considering you can get a brand new one for not much more I would say no.
  18. Depends on a few things.
    1. Why it is being sold with that few miles. Could be problems.
    2. How much you are comfortable with spending.

    3k miles is not hile mileage. But if your not comfortable paying that much. then it is not a good deal.