31x19 Griffin Radiator Fitment

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by David Pepiton, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. So I've been looking at getting a 31x19x3 grifffin radiator ( http://www.summitracing.com/parts/gri-1-25272-x ) I know a few guys here have installed this radiator but dont see many pictures on what was used or cut to make it fit. I can figure that I will need custom upper mounts but what about around the core support?

    I will be running either 13 or 14 inch dual Spal puller fans with a custom shroud. any help yall can previde will be much appreciated.
  2. I installed a 31x19 years ago. Had the beat and cut the hell out of the lower radiator support for it to fit. It was a bear to make it work. I went 28 X 19 this time around. No beating necessary.

    What are the specs on the fan you're looking at? I bet a junkyard mark 8, contour, or Taurus can will do the job better and for less $$.
  3. considering what I can get a brand new contour fan for about thee same price as one of these spal fans that might be a better option.
  4. Or under $50 for a Taurus fan at any JY
  5. I would be more comfortable just getting a new one for a few dollars more and get it 100% new. I cant say what I can get it for but its less then a Andrew Jackson from the JY price.

    does anyone thing its not worth the headache of fitting a 31 inch radiator that I should just get a 27.5 inch 1-26242-x
  6. Just get the 26242 and be done with it. You will have to "massage" the radiator support for the larger one.
  7. I agree, get the 28 inch. The one I installed was 30.750, had to bend and pry a few pieces. Still was able to use the stock upper supports tho and modified the stock shroud. Save yourself a small headache and get the 28.

    Also, I went with a summit racing radiator and have no regrets minus the fitment. One of the best upgrades ive made on my car. And a good price too.
  8. The CFM rating on those fans is pretty weak. And those are optimal test condition numbers. The Taurus, contour, mark 8 fans will all get you over 3000 CFM. Even junkyard ones with 100,000 miles will probably outlast the spal fans.
  9. Agreed. No sense spending the money, effort, and time putting in a weak fan. All three fans mentioned outperform most aftermarket fans and are OEM quality- designed to last years and 100K miles. Plus they are plentiful and cheap if a replacement is needed. However, it's not my money and Baskin Robbins makes 31 flavors.....
  10. My twin spals are rated at 3400 CFM, and definitely flow enough to pull the air necessary to keep my car cool. I think that's proof positive a twin-spal setup can do the job since I'm running a big intercooler and an A/C condenser in front, and a lot of turbo piping behind. My car has some sick underhood heat to deal with.

    Still, I have a major concern related to fans: first, is your electrical system up to par? If you're not on a 3G alternator, you're shooting yourself in the foot going electrical fans, especially twins.

    I installed my 31"x19" radiator and don't remember having any trouble getting it to fit aside from some minor work on the brackets.

  11. Fast, you must have different fans. The spec on the one he quotes is as follows:

    Maximum Fan CFM: 956 cfm

    Even if you have two, that is hardly enough to keep a stocker cool where I live.
  12. ill be running the contour fans as of now since it will be much easier. also Ive already done the 3g swap actually I think it was my first mod a few days after I got the car.
  13. Gotcha, Mike. I'm not sure where my info came from, anymore. It's probably from Ron Davis since the radiator, fans, and shroud came together.
  14. I'm sure Ron Davis probably used higher quality fans from spal. There is nothing low quality about anything they sell.
  15. most certainly not. they charge out the a s s.

    well thanks for yalls info ill be running the 28 incher and contour fans.