320 miles on a full tank

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  1. Guys,

    I've been working on this car since I bought it in Oct.
    Alot of nagging litle things I wanted to knock out of the way.
    It is running pretty sharp. Im very pleased with it so far.
    This week it got 320 miles on a full tank. F to E
    I thought that was pretty good.
    What kind of gas milage are you boys getting?

  2. That's pretty damn good. I don't think mine ever get that kind of mileage but I didn't buy it for gas mileage either. It was only a DD for less than 2 years before it was retired to track, shows and occasional cruising. Seems yours is running very well.
  3. Yess sir. I have too many "garage queens" as it is. I bought this car to rebuild on the go and drive. It will eventually go in the garage when I buy my hardtop later this year but for now I am having a blast driving it everyday. I'm definately watching my MPG's. I do alot of driving everyday. I'm not really a race type of guy. I love muscle cars but I like the way they sound mostly and how they look sitting still lol. I dont have the urge to race them. But I will watch you race yours. lol
  4. That's actually really good. I'll assume that's mainly highway mileage? I get about the same out of my Fox if I keep it at or below 115km/hr on the highway and keep around town driving both limited and sensible. I've got minimal bolt ons and the stock 2.73's out back. I anticipate loosing about 50km to a tank with the swap to the 3.73's I've got sitting in my garage though.
  5. The most I ever got out of my old car was about 280 miles on one tank, but I still had another 20-30 miles easily left in it when I filled up. That was 100% highway and I think came out around 24mpg. That's also with 3.73's, and I had the correct gear in the transmission so the speedo was right. I usually got about 200 miles out of it before I filled up around 1/4 tank. When I had the 418 installed I usually had to fill up at 120-150 miles and the best it ever did was 18mpg on the highway.

    My new 5.0 just hit 308 miles on one tank in mixed driving for 23.3 mpg. :) Just rolled over 2000 miles on it and every tank has been better than the last, except for one where I played around more than usual lol. I don't really care about the mileage in it, but I am happy it's doing so well. I drive a lot for work and get paid for my mileage so better mpg is more profit for me. Can't wait to get my bike back on the road, it gets 55-60mpg.
  6. I get 134 out of mine lol
  7. If I stayed on the highway with my old engine I could get close to 300 miles to the tank. Haven't really run any fuel numbers on my new engine. The old setup was about 18mpg highway and 14mpg around town.

  8. Yes sir I'll say 90/10 highway. my car is not very modified at all. Minor bolt ons is all. No gears. Its quick enough for me for now. I'll step it up later.

    Yes sir thats about where I am. I'm mostly highway very little city driving. I was stunned to get that many miles. Im thinking about some 3:55 But Im still hesitant. So I'm working everything else in the meantime and I'll come back to the gears later. Everyone keeps telling me I will love the gears so im keeping them on the table. We'll see how it goes.
    That new 5.0 of yours is beast. Love the color and your interior is very cool. I'm afraid of car notes so I'm looking to buy a 03-05 hardtop in the fall. I love motorcycles very cool and fun. I used to ride years ago. But we have horrible roads and too many drunks on the roads here. Too many horror stories. Unless its a bycycle Im staying on 4 wheels. lol.

    Pops you got over 600 horses running thru that beautiful machine of yours. I dont think you ever go slow or give 2 damns about MPG's LOL.
  9. last time i checked i was getting about 17 mpg.
  10. Bam...


    I get around 320 miles out of a tank pretty easily. The ABSOLUTE-sputtering-CEL-on-coasting-into-the-gas-station-maximum I've gotten out of the car was (no kidding) 351 miles. Yes it ran out on the street and I coasted into the station, but I made it.

    Not too bad, and the reasonable (and superior compared to my Ranger) mileage is the only thing stopping me from getting gears or whatnot.
  11. Plus, seeing as I have 8K miles of records under my belt, I can track to see if lowering the car actually helps mileage or not. The BBK CAI did nothing for mileage despite claims.
  12. Ok 69.
    I see you. Im glad that some one else can verify my claim. I was stunnned that my car got that many miles off of a tank. I'm monitoring it again this week and it looks like it wasnt a fluke so far. And I agree that this great gas milage is stopping me from changing gears etc as well for now.
  13. Does anyone have suggestions for obtaining this 320 miles on a full tank. I drive about 350 every two weeks but usually have to fuel up three times in that two week period. This has really been killing my already small biweekly paychecks and need a way to save a bit more by getting atleast something like 200-250 a tank.
    I run a bone-stock '95.

    Oh and please no one tell me I picked the wrong car, I love it, but it was handed down. ha.
  14. Underdrive pulleys
    Cold air induction
    Seafoam the engine if it’s never been done
    Tune up if it’s never had one (plugs, wires, filters)
    Aluminum driveshaft
    Weight reduction
    Inflate tires to maximum air pressure
    Advance the ignition timing as far as possible without detonation

  15. Does a CAI really do anything? Seafoaming seems like a fun thing to do, would through the booster or through the gas tank be better(I've actually done an additive in the fuel system about a month ago that claimed cleaner injectors and such)?

    How can I advance the ignition timing?

    and sorry for semi-hijacking the thread with my quesitons. haha.
  16. Whaaa? I've never heard of such mileage out of a pushrod 5.0 before. I have to think you've got a 3.73 or 4.10 rearend throwing off the odo/speedo
  17. I've heard of 5.0s getting gas mileage that bad before. I have no idea what causes it though.

  18. Completely stock gears. Everything's stock except the muffler. The only known problem is a bad coolant sensor(highly doubt), and bad EGR valve or bend in the wires. Which I just have to break the lock on the nut and I can switch it. But I doubt that's really something that can cause my issues.

    Of my driving, the majority is highway.
  19. The coolant temp sensor can actually have something to do with it. If it's broken the computer will assume the engine never reaches temperature, and will keep it in cold mode (basically like keeping the choke on). It will dump fuel in to heat the engine up. Old O2 sensors can give you bad gas mileage too.

  20. It occasionally will flash on my dash for a few seconds and then turns back off. But I'll get on replacing both of those, I really need to replace all the perishables.
    For now I'll keep crusing at 60 mph on the hwy:p