320 miles on a full tank

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  1. WOW and i thought i was doing bad at 200-250 Miles to the tank in my 383 stroker 95 mustang. I still have stock gears out back and drive like theres a egg on the gas pedal.

  2. TRUTH.


    The car most definately will need a full tune up and if your O2 sensors are bad your begging for bad gas milage.I changed all that stuff when I bought the car and it runs very well. Burns no oil and gets get 300 miles per tank. I cant complain at all.

  3. I promise the last tune up this car MIGHT of seen was at least five years ago. My guess on the O2 sensors is that they're still from when the car came out...seventeen years ago. Ha.
    I actually found this list of recommended things to do http://blog.brothersperformance.com...-tune-up-tips-for-your-favorite-ford-mustang/
    I really want to do it but with school and work all the time I can't get the time or funds together to work on my car. Just yesterday after school I spent three hours till it was dark replacing my window bushings(I'm a bit slow and meticulously careful :p) and barely made it with enough light left to work.

    But i'll add O2 sensors and coolant sensor to that list and order them up here in the next month.
  4. I got that, it was just a nice consolidated check list to go down instead of making my own.
  5. if you look at the 320 number, and switch the #0 in front for # 2 = 302 HAHA , anyway im bore at work
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  6. Hey guys
    Just wanted to give an update.
    I've tested it a couple more weeks and have laid into the pedal a little more.
    Theres no way I'm going to be able to keep up the 55-60 mph driving. Too damn slow. LOL!!!! So I sped it up to around 65-75 highway driving & I'm getting around 290 miles on a full tank. Still pretty good. Most definately enjoying the car. Gathering parts to make all my final mods at one time before the summer. Then I gotta get back to my old school. It needs some tender loving care as well. :cool:
  7. I can't drive Schfifty-five.

  8. I just filled up today with 340 miles out of my last tank. Also damn near tied my best MPG out of the car to date at 21.9mpg (averaged out of the whole tank!)
  9. since we're talking about fuel here. I have not tried to push the limits of running the tank down to empty on my cobra yet. is there a warning light on the dash of 94-95 stangs .
  10. Nope, not on mine anyway. I think that started in 96.
  11. No warning lights.
    From my testing. The gauge can go pretty far down and not run out.
    If you see it going behind the E. You might wanna pull it!!! LOL.
  12. when mine was stock, i was happy if it got 200

    now i'm happy if i get 150

  13. OUCH.
  14. just an up date to this . I took my 94 cobra with 132,000mi up on a trip this week and averaged 25mpg half highway and some cruising around town. I thought that was awesome
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  15. :rlaugh:

    that was a cool song!
  16. I just bought a 1994 cobra with 20,000 mi to use as a every day driver
    I had to drive hundreds of mile to get it home driving 70-80ish with the air on I got 25.3 mpg dosen't a 94 have a 14 gal tank? I should be able to go 354.2 miles on one tank

  17. Gonna daily drive an original 20K mile Cobra? o_O

    Either way, these cars had a 15.6 gallon tank regardless of powertrain.

  18. When I fill up my car will only take 13 gallons :shrug:
  19. I got a new best in my car last week. Cruising 70-75 with the a/c on managed 28.9 mpg. The drive home had some city driving mixed in and I only managed a little over 27 mpg, but I let that tank go to 336 miles and it showed another 40 miles left to E. I'd say 400 miles is possible driving 100% highway.

    On the road course I only managed 90 miles on a full tank. :crazy: