32V DOHC engine ticking

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  1. I've looked at a lot of forums about the case of the ticking cobra motor. Ive had mine for about 2 days and noticed that loud god awful ticking especially when I was next to houses or a wall. When we put an X pipe on it, turns out a header stud was missing and the gaskets between the header and downpipes were shot! Turns out the passenger side gasket always goes bad according to a few tech buddies of mine. As soon as the exhaust was installed the ticking was gone. Not sure if this helps, but it seems a topic of great discussion.
  2. Mustang Ticking

    I have the DOHC 32V Mach1 (2004) and I had noticed a ticking from the begining when I got the car, other then that, it sounds sweet so I tried taking it to the dealer to get it fixed, it was under warranty. When I took it in they told me they think I got bad gas and a carbon build up on the valves or some BS, and it was nothing that wouldn't fix itself... 1000 miles after my warranty ran out the ticking turned into a loud knocking, and I have heard so many people talk about the mustang tick and I suppose there is more then one. Anyways the same day and drive the ticking turned to a knocking my engine seized!! Ridiculous! The car is at the dealer now and after wasting an incredible amount of my time and they still aren't sure if they will pay for the whole repair yet or not, they have decided that the problem was due to a crank bearing (#4). Somewhat of a relief to me I don't have to spend 10Gs getting a new engine installed, but it still may be price-e if they don't pay for this. And just to vent a little, once they got special permission from Ford MC to tear the engine appart to see if it was doe to "lack of Maintenance' they realized it wasn't and they still don't know if they will pay for it. The lady on the phone actually said and quote "what are you asking of Ford", I sai to fix my car and pay for it maybe using some other words as well, she actually said, "and if we don't pay for 100% you don't want any assistance" like she was seeing how far I would take it if they don't help. pricks!:mad:
  3. I've had the drivers side head on my Cobra replaced under warranty TWICE now for the ticking.

  4. My 32V motor ticked on the passenger side. 1 donut gasket later, quiet as can be!
  5. Please pardon my ignorance, what is a "dpnut gasket and where does it go?
    My 96 has had a "tick" on the passenger head when its cold, its pretty loud almost sounds like lifter noise. After it warms up it turns to a faint tick you can only hear with the hood up and your ear to the valve cover.
  6. He's referring to the gasket where the mid-pipe mates to the exhaust manifold.

  7. Thanks Meat! My new h-pipe came with one of dem. I am gonna jack the car up tomorrow and see if the pass side exaust manifold is loose. I hope thats it b/c the tick is really pi%$$ng me off:mad:

  8. That's it..don't worry about it. Make sure you keep it straight and don't mis align it. Mis aligning it will cause it to leak.

    My advice for the future. Don't go with longtubes. They added a little power N/A. I went from 13.99 to 13.56. MPH increased from 103-106MPH. Didn't get a dyno graph, so I don't know HP numbers.

    They add even more with my Vortec. But if you need a clutch job, the labor is double. Doing it yourself is a PITA. Also, the first 2 years (summer car only) they looked fine. The last 3 summers, they are hot as can be on my floorboards and legs. They are rusty, and they just make working on the car a PITA. I replaced a left motor mount the other day......:mad: I hate to admit it....4 hours!!! Air tools, hoist, everything...PITA

    Next clutch job, I'm putting my stockers back on. Haven't been to the track since September 30th, 2004...so I don't care it I make less power. I need a cooler cockpit.