$33,000 is totally stupid for GT 2005

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  1. HA HA HA HA A good post!!

    Thats a good joke, you'd have to be brain dead to pay that much right now!! They are coming on the lots and you can at least get them at MSRP, which puts that balck one at about 5k over MSRP!! I ordered mine xplan for considerably less. That dealers about a few months too late to try that now!!
  2. Remember, this OP is from Canada. So that is CAN$33,000, not US$.
  3. eh, nope, check the ad. it says $33K USD, plus item location is the following :

    Team Ford at Northpoint: Alpharetta, Georgia
    United States

    So, yes, some dealer are still trying the price gouging thing...
  4. If I was a dealer, and people around me were still willing to pay that kind of price, I would still charge that because thats more money in my pocket.....thenworse case scenario someone talks you down to MSRP or close, and is happy that they talked you down that much, and you still make a nice little profit....

    As a consumer, I would NEVER pay that much for an 05 GT, now when the Cobra comes out, I can/will gladly pay sticker, or slightly above sticker.
  5. I have seen these cars at Northpoint Team Ford....these people are not good people and never have been. That being said, some of the new Mustangs they are selling have been bought from other dealers at MSRP!!!! Thats right, the dealer paid MSRP for some of these cars. They have ALOT of Ford inventory to move right now, so maybe they just want to be the only ones in town with the new Mustang.....might help sell off some of that inventory!
  6. That's crazy!!! If you buy that brother... You're crazy too!
  7. Anyone paying more than sticker is a fool. Especially since my father sold one this weekend for sticker at his dealership.
  8. Yep! Crazy...
  9. I just returned from seeing their selection. They had 2 Black GT's, one Mineral grey and one Redfire. Various options for each of them. Lowest price out of all them was $35,500. I asked the salesman why they are asking so much. he said Ford is only building a limited supply for "05". Yeah, right! What a goof. Anyway, that Redfire is Awesome...
  10. That salesman is ABSOLUTEY correct. Ford is only building a limited supply of '05 Mustangs. Supply is limited to about 180,000 of them. :D
  11. Notice he didn't get any bids on his auction. He is tacking on a additional 5K what does he expect. I saw this auction the other day and I e-mailed the dealership who was auctioning the car and I told them how I felt about their auction. The next day I got a nasty e-mail back from them telling me it's a free market and they can auction anything they want. True, but how many fools do they think are out there. I will never do business with this dealership and I encourage others to follow suit and contact them and tell them about their wrong doings.......... :nonono:
  12. Never pay sticker or above. Not on anything. I didn't even pay sticker on April 18, 1964 when I ordered my first '65 convert (even though some dealers were trying to get sticker, but nobody tried to get more than list).
  13. You should check out Bill Pierre Ford in Lake City Wa. They have an adjusted market value add on price of $10k. Yes you did read that right.
  14. Why is there a fascination for hunting around online to find isolated instances of price-gouging, and then pointing them out as if it has some sort of relavance to the "real world" where thousands of people are buying new '05 GT's for honest and fair prices at MSRP or below?? And then trying to make some lame pitch that we should all be buying left-over '04 Cobras?? Is cabin fever already starting to set in in the great white north?
  15. god dammit, Team Ford Northpoint is the ford dealership i shop at here in alpharetta.

    ****, looks like im gonna have to wait a while before i can afford a new 05. My budget is 20Grand driveout. I might have to settle for a 05 V6 base model.
  16. I decided never to do business with Bill Pierre Ford when I stopped in one day to buy a starter bolt for my old 302. I was on my motorcycle, and after getting directions to the parts department, decided to stop next to a Bullitt for a second to look at the window sticker. I had a salesman run after me to get me to take a closer look at the car. Literally. As I pulled away I looked back and he was yelling and running down the hill towards me, yelling for me to come back and take a test drive. That, combined with a really slimey "sales manager" at Bill Pierre Dodge when I was considering the purchase of a Dakota a couple years ago, has turned me off completely from anything to do with Bill Pierre.

    Haven't decided which other Puget Sound dealer to go with yet, but I still have time to find the right one. The 18" fanblades aren't available yet, so I can shop around for the right dealer before I put my order in. :)

  17. MSRP $27280 Paid $23142 Z-plan Thanks Ford ,what a great car for the money .The best bang for the buck ever!!