331 Cam Combo Suggestions/opinions

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  1. i just ordered a 331 shortblock from AD performance. looking for OFF THE SHELF cam recommendations for my street strip car. Cant afford custom. Thinking about the tfs stage 3 cam or comp xe282hr, want it to rev to 6500-6800 and still be able to run on street with a 5speed

    parts that i have that are going on my new 331 shortblock with probe srs pistons
    ported gt 40 lower with comp cams polymer box upper
    afr 185 61cc
    75mm tb
    75mm maf
  2. Personally, the Comp cam will be more streetable than the TFS3. The comp. cam is slightly bigger than the one I run in my 331 & my power peaks at 6,100rpm....
  3. Is there a link for specs to both?
  4. I was going to run the Anderson N71 in my 331. I expected 6400-6500 rpm shift points. It is similar to theXE282HR, except that the peak power curve is supposed to be a little flatter. I just sold mine, along with AFM springs, last week to make room for a custom. The AFM cams are also billet. They are $319 new, but the Comp Cams are $289 new. You can find the AFM cams used for $150-$200.

  5. And I don't understand "can't afford custom cam argument" it's less than 100$ difference but ok. My advise is call the cam manufacturers and get a professional opinion.
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  6. A custom cam is only like 50 bucks more than the comp cam. Thats the way to go. The 282 cam is OK, but i would bet that with a gt40 intake it is going to put your peak HP to around 55-5700rpms. You will also have to check the valve springs to make sure they are installed ate he correct height to deliver the pressure any cam that you choose requires. Depending on the spring/cam, you may need a new set of springs, retainers, and/or spring cups.
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  7. I agree with you here. But, I just went through the same dilemma. My custom cam package from ED is going to cost me around $750 with the spring package. I paid $170 for my N71 used and another $140 for the AFM springs. My retainers and such would work with the new springs. That was $310 for that route. In the end, changing heads from the RHS/Roush pieces to the AFRs helped to push me in the custom cam direction, but there was a huge price jump.

  8. TFS stage 3
    Duration @ .050" (degrees) - 236 intake/248 exhaust
    Cam Lift (intake/exhaust) - .359"/.372"
    Lift w/ 1.6 rocker (intake/exhaust) - .574"/.595"
    Lobe seperation (degrees) - 110°

    Lift: .510''/.520''
    Duration: 282°/288°
    Lobe Separation Angle: 110°
    RPM Range: 2200-5800

    I am not buying any of these cams new, trying to find used ones. The most i can pay for a cam is $200
  9. I dont know if this helps but i used to have the comp 274hr in my 347, and with the same head and intake combo she pulled hard up to 6700 but i am looking for something a little bigger than that cam
  10. Did you have it on a dyno verifying that it made power that high? The 282 cam in my 345" motor wouldnt peak past 6300 till i put a super victor intake on it.

    If you do use the 282 make sure you have the right cam gear. That is a SADI cam and the gear will get torn up quick with a stock dist gear.
  11. Exactly as @90lxcoupe said, I doubt the last cam you were running was really making power up that high.
    The following is just my .02 cents.
    I don't like to buy used cams, especially box stock cams.
    My last custom Bullet cam was $350 so really not breaking the bank here.
    I think the intake combination is really holding you back. You are forgoing a lot of low end torque with that box upper on a N/A car not to mention the GT40 lower doesn't flow gangbusters to begin with.
    Finally, like said above be careful with dist gear selection! I've had the greatest success with the composite gears recently.
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  12. no dyno sheet or anything, but i had valve float problems because it liked to rev and i didn't shift in time:nono:, but my old 347 setup liked top end. My cars best time with that old setup in my 347 12.5 @112 all motor with street tires
  13. was that on a stock ECU and stock tach? If so, you werent really revving to 6700. Ive seen stock tach's off 500-800 rpms when they got to the dyno.
  14. What height do you set the composite gear up at? have you had any problems with them cracking or blowing apart?
  15. i have msn 6al with dual rev limiters and it was set to about 6800, but stock tach though
  16. I pin the composites at the same height as the bronze gears. I've only ever used comp cams composite gear and have had no issues yet. They are much harder than the bronze gear and last 2-3x as long. Just chucking one up in the lathe to machine the i.d. you can tell the difference in the hardness. Its also interesting how much lighter the composite gear is.
  17. ok, well so do you guys have any other cams that you guys recomend?
  18. Put the 282 in it, the combo is extremely miss matched and it makes it very hard to make any good recommendation. The intake is going to hold things back no matter what cam is used.
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  19. ^ Agreed!