331 or 347 Kit, Where to buy


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Boy if you start googling 331 or 347 stroker kits on the internet, you can end up down a wild rabbit hole with endless links.
So, I'd figured I'd go right to the source of Mustang guys!!!!

Anyhow, I'm doing a street build for my 66 Stang.
88 Roller Block is at the machine shop, punched .030 over.
I have a set of Twisted Wedge Track heat 170s to bolt on.

Would like to be around 10:1 comp with my 61cc heads. It'll be NA, and a street car.

Looking for a good affordable source for a decent kit for this build.

I've got a budget around $1100 for the kit, and I'd much rather single source the kit vs parting it together. (I feel I can get a kit for a better price)
Can anyone help point me in the right direction with some experience with a brand/company?
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Jan 5, 2009
SE Michigan
Price shop between the machine shop and Summit. Most machine shops have resources that can be under Summit on pricing. Also it is important to work with the machine shop and get the right kit, based on experience they will sway you one over the other for various reasons based on experience.
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Dec 13, 2019
I do not recommend CNC Motorsports. I bought one of their 333 kits . When I went to mock up the crank clearance the mains were on the high side and the Scat crank was on the high side. I called Scat and they told me to contact CNC to see if they would help me out with a set of bearings.
So I called CNC and told them the issue and said did you open the package. I told them the only way to check the clearance was to install the bearings in the block and take the measurements. They said they could not take them back and exchange the bearings . I told them that is not what I wanted. I just wondered if they would give me a better price on a set of .001 bearings to get the correct clearance .The guy on the phone said sorry the list price plus shipping is the price.
You would think that after buying a complete stroker kit plus a balancer they would at least give me a little price break.
not only did they not give me a deal, they were going to charge me more than I found the bearings at 3 other sources. One of which was my local Advance Auto parts store. you would think after spending over $ 1300.00 for parts they would at least cover the shipping of a set of bearings.
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Dec 6, 2019
Hey man! Sounds like you're about to have some fun AND go through a little rubber, haha. Check out D.S.S. Racing right about now...they've got some sale prices and I believe I spied a 331 kit for under $1200. I think you can either have them balance it, or have your guy do it. Should end up at least CLOSE to your planned budget for that particular parts group. I know they have a flat top for those heads with 6cc worth of valve relief, that would put your static comp. right where you said you wanted to end up. I can tell you they are very nice parts, and good for serious ponies; more than a factory block seems to like if that's what you want, haha. You may want to have a peek at their girdle set-up too...it's cheap insurance, and they really do halt cap walk and allow a nice margin of safety in case you aspire to reach extreme power levels in the future. Either way... those heads, 10:1+ comp, cammed right... you're on your way to 450hp easy peasy, and I am VERY jealous! Happy wrenching, and we can't wait to hear all about it when it roars to life!
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Apr 29, 2012
For all the 347 kits I looked at the 347 stroker from skip white performance was by far the best deal, With the best Quality parts for the best price! The Summit and Jegs Kits were not complete and had low Quality parts!
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