331 shortblock for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by allcarfan, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. I sold my car and never had a chance to put this engine in it....

    331 stroker shortblock consisting of:

    Ross Racing Pistons ($650)
    Forged Hbeam rods ($350)
    ARP Rod bolts ($75)
    Hawks Racing crank ($250)
    DSS main girdle with studs and windage tray($400)
    Chrome dual sump oil pan ($125)
    high volume oil pump($50)
    Performance products Harmonic balancer - 28oz balance ($100)
    Early style chrome powdercoated timing cover ($150 with coating)
    Gear Drive ($175)
    Freeze plugs ($5)
    Plasmamoly rings($75)
    Federal Mogul Bearings($50)
    Trickflow Stage II camshaft($150)
    ARP Head studs ($50)
    XXX roller Block ($200)

    Machine work... .030 overbore, align hone, clean block, paint block Ford Blue - $475

    This engine will handle a trememdous amount of power. As you can see, I have over $3000 into this shortblock. The pistons are the only items that were bought used. They had 500 miles on them when I bought them from a friend of mine. Everything else is new. As I stated....I sold my mustang and no longer need this shortblock. It will come with an engine stand also.

    $2400 shipped to you
  2. open to offers...I need this thing gone since my buyer backed out the day it got done being built
  3. I've got a nice set of Trickflow Twisted Wedge heads for sale as well that would go great with this shortblock! $900 (my buyer backed out as well)

    This would make great package!
  4. especially since the pistons have reliefs cut for TW heads
  5. $2000 shipped! I just got it back from my engine builder and it looks GREAT. pics available !
  6. I am taking pics on Thursday night. I will email the three of you that wanted them and post them here.

    I have to change the price though. $2000 shipped on the east coast and midwest. Anything past the midwest...we will have to talk about shipping. The quote I got last night was $700 to Cali.
  7. pics sent to everyone that requested...
  8. back on Ebay
  9. Your 331

    Do you still have the 331 engine for sale, if so, send me an e-mail at
    [email protected] asap. thx,.
  10. If you still have this engine for sale call me. Thanks Mike 740 386 1033
  11. do you still have the block
  12. I hope it was sold 5 years ago.
  13. Do you still have the 331 stroker
    [email protected]
    I am located here in fayetteville GA
  14. i think this thread needs to be deleted
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