SOLD 331 Stroker (8.5:1 Comp. 69 block)

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  1. 69' 302 block with Eagle H-beam rods and Keith Black forged pistions(8.5:1 compression). Balanced and assembled w/ moroso main girdle. A buddy i work with wrecked his '10 gt into a tree at 70 mph with me in the passenger seat, so needless to say ive had enough of racing. Sold the car i was going to put it in as a roller, now this is for sale. Its a great motor, should be good for 550 hp. $1800 out the door with the engine stand and every gasket you would need. I have nearly twice that tied up in it, everything still brand new.

    If you have any questions message me on here or feel free to give me a call or text me @ 443-521-6045 -Cambridge,Md


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  2. Great ad! :nice:

    Good luck with your sale.
  3. i wish i could get this!
  4. Is this engine still available ?
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