331 Stroker with OEM Ford Parts?

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  1. Hi Friends i hope everybody´s fine, i have a question please somebody Help me, i want to make a Stroker from my 302 to 331with OEM Ford Parts, thats because here in my city the Ford Dealer give me Plant Price for the parts around 50% off the regular price, so that´s why i want to buy a OEM Ford Parts for my Stroker, a friend give me a Table o parts to make a stroker but i take this info to the Ford Dealer and they tell me that they need the specific part of the car...example for the rods, wich other Ford car or truck have the rods to make a 331 stroker...the model, year and engine of the car/truck, so that is were i need your konwledge..i need the Crank, Rods and pistons for make my Stroker 331, and a better Ford OEM Camshaft for this stroker, i´m gonna put a GT4Op alumium heads and GT0 uper and lower intake, but i need to know wich other Ford Car/Truck have the right part to make this stroker, and i want to know if in this other OEM parts Ford handle Forged pieces to.
    thanks for the Help...
  2. You could make a 347, but not a 331. Ford has a new 347 crate engine that has the 5.4" rods that you need, but no 3.25" stroke crank. The pistons from the 347 crate engine will not have a tall enough compression height, so no luck.

    If you can get the crate motor for 1/2 off, that's a good deal because they sell for about $2500. $1250 would barely cover the rotating assembly and machine work to make a 331, and you get all of the other pieces also.
  3. Thanks 331 cobra..so wich Ford car/truck have this 347 engine?
    thanks again...
  4. I think they have 347's in some australian falcons, but nothing in the states.

    It's a crate engine, you buy it to put in your hot rod, or whatever car normally has a 302.
  5. Do you get 50% off FRPP parts? If so, you should pick up a FRPP catalog and decide from there.

    I don't believe there is any way to make a stroker from stock parts. You could buy the parts to install a 351 though. :D
  6. thanks...i have 50% off in the parts OEM Motorcraft, FOMOCO not FRPP....i wish i could have this 50%off in the FRPP....or the FRPP are the same?
  7. I think all of the pieces I mentioned are FRPP (ford racing performance parts). If you can't get a deal on them, I don't think you will find anything good because all of the 5.0 and Lightning oem performance parts have been discontinued, or moved to FRPP.

    You might be able to make a 318, that's an offset ground 302 crank with modified 2.3 liter rods and chevy pistons. I don't think that is worth the effort any more because of all of the cheap 331 kits that drop right in.

    You could build a 393. That uses a 351 block, stock 351 rods, a stroker crank that you would have to find somewhere else, and stock 302 pistons. With parts from FRPP, you can install that in a mustang.

    Sorry, no one stop shopping, but not too bad.
  8. Well..thanks guys...i´m goona look for this parts in an other part, and i have to buy all the kit complete.
    thanks again.....se you