331 Turbo project thread

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  1. Hello all. It's been a fun ride in the sand-box. While I was over there I had a few modifications done to my fox. Here's a couple of pictures:

    Start with an old fox (crappy pic, but it's the only whole shot I've got on the net right now:

    Add a sonny bryant billet crank, Oliver billet rods, and custom low comp CP pistons to a Dart block:

    Slap on some big heads with shaft rockers and a custom cam:

    Throw on a TFS-R with box upper for good measure and the engine is in!

    The go fast engine stuff alone won't get the job done so here's some of the other stuff I have pictures of:

    The new custom chrome-moly roll cage with removable door bars:

    The battery box:

    Battery shut-off switch:

    The behind bars race cars (a beautiful unit) sumped tank, 10 micron aeromotive filter, and Weldon pump:

    A bulk-head connector was mounted in the passenger fender well and the fuel lines go from the rubber hose along the body to braided steel in the engine bay, and you can see the new coil-overs in the first pic:


    A few things not included in the pics: an HP turbo kit with a GT42R-76mm turbo, the Big Stuff 3 engine management unit, a tubular suspension with coil-over kit in the front, and a drag suspension kit in the back. The 8.8 rear is being worked on; I'm shortening the length of the axle, adding 9" ends, and gun-drilled 35 spline axles with a spool.

    This should be a fun street car as it still has A/C, power-steering, and an interior sans only the rear seat. I'm fired up for the upcoming spring when I can drive it again. Dyno numbers and performance results to come.

    For those of you who are relatively new and are not used to seeing me around, I'm Chris. I started moderating at stangnet about 3 years ago, but have been inactive since I deployed to Iraq in SEP07. Feel free to PM to BS or if you have any issues or concerns in the 5.0 forums.


    edited to remove accolades to the engine builder... neither he nor his shop deserved it.
  2. Looking good. Any more info on the car?
  3. Yep! Looks real nice!
  4. wow looks like a serious setup
  5. I remember you, "Welcome home"!! :nice: Ditch the stock rusty rear end cover. :shrug:
  6. What cubes is it? Size are the heads? Looks like a real stout setup similar to my plans depending on the cubes. Power et goals?
  7. welcome home, the new motor looks great
  8. Looks great man, welcome back:nice:

    Thanks for your service:flag:
  9. Looks NICEE and welcome back!!! Did you have someone do the work on the car while you were deployed???

    Daggar had a falling out with some of the Administration. He has since left on his own terms. He occasionally will pop in, but its only been twice since he's left and that was over a year ago :(
  10. That's too bad, because he made this job so easy. Yep, someone did the work for me while I was deployed. Check the end of my OP.

    Thanks, it's good to be back. Right, the entire rear end is getting an overhaul. :nice: At a minimum, I'll sand and repaint the cover.

    331, AFR205s. I have a guess at what the car will make, but I'd rather not speculate to others. Whatever it makes, I'll be good with. You can look up the rating of the GT42R-76mm turbo, and the shortblock should be plenty stout enough to take all of it.

  11. Thank you for your service! Looks like a really nice setup! :)
  12. Chris, looks good glad to see you made it back safe. If you talk to Andy tell him to shoot me a message as well....

    My guess is 700HP+
  13. Thanks for the welcome home, fellas. I must say that there are so many little things that you don't realize that you take for granted until you come back from living in a 3rd world country for so long. When I got back the feeling was..... indescribable. There are so many little things that I didn't even realize that I missed.

    Cool, thanks. Which Andy?
  14. Andy aka "Dagger"
  15. Welcome back, ****en set up!
  16. Wow, that is just so freakin sweet :nice:
    Thank you for your service, couldnt think of a better self reward :banana:
  17. welcome back man that car is going to haul
  18. Welcome back and thank you for your service in the combat zone :flag:

    That is one badass Mustang!!!
  19. Welcome home dude...the car is looking good.
  20. So when will it be done..... wrong word... when will it be back together and useable again? That is till you mod it more :rlaugh: