331 Turbo project thread

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  1. WOOOW, that thing makes some power. Thats awesome. I'm extremely impressed. Get some videos up here of that thing!!!
  2. Chris very nice numbers :nice:
  3. After an oil change, the turbo kit will be finished, 120lb injectors and the BS3 installed before it goes for round 2 on the dyno.

    nice #`s .........your running 120lb injectors in your car when you had it tuned?What is the rest of you fuel setup?
  4. Thanks for the props Rick, & Mac

    GroverDill, good luck bro. Look forward to hearing about it.

    89stang, some of those '03+ Cobras and shelbys are F-ing mean. I don't consider myself at or anywhere near the top of the 5.0 food-chain, but it's a fun car for sure.

    Javaking, yes, trick flow 120s. Behind bars race cars sumped tank, 10 micron -12 Aeromotive filter before the pump, Weldon 2025 pump w/ a voltage controller, 40 micron filter after pump, Trick Flow pressure regulator, -12 lines in and out to the filter and in and out of the pump.

  6. i've been following this for a while and it's awesome to hear about it all coming together, those are some seriously stout numbers for what is surely going to be a ridiculous street machine... looking forward to more pics and some vids!

    Chris :nice:
  7. Quotes of the week after trying his new 762RWHP turbo stang LMAO!!!

    I can only imagine but after reading this i started to break out in laughter enjoy that ride!:D

  8. I am in awe of the power that car is putting down. I took it out for another ride tonight. I took my roommate with me. I didn't bother accelerating in the first 3 gears again, but with the MT DRs I put on it today, it is definitely hooking 4th with no problems. I hammered it in 4th and hit 16.3 psi and blasted it up to 7000 rpm. Mind you that it made 700rwhp at 12.5 psi, and at 14.5 psi it made 762 rwhp. So how much power was it making tonight? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'd say a little over 800rwhp. The speedo isn't hooked up yet, but 7000 rpm through a 3.73 gear and with a 275/40/17" tire should be about 140mph. It was there in only a few seconds. I guess that's what a 9 second car feels like in high gear.

    I let off the throttle and went to brakes. I braked too hard, i guess, and the rear began to sway. I felt on the verge of control. I couldn't keep it in my lane and went across 2 lanes, which were oncoming lanes. Fortunately, as many of you know, I wouldn't do this if traffic were anywhere to be found. The tires never even lost traction, the rear end was just swaying and I guess I have a lot to learn about how to control a car with a drag-suspension and such soft sidewalled tires. I had to let off of the brakes completely and smoothly steer back to the right until the car was back where I wanted it to be. One word for this car.... RESPECT.

    I think I'm going to take it easy, figure out how to back down the boost pressure, and then work my way back up slowly. I have no intention of even contemplating a race with someone else in the lane next to me, yet. I need a lot more seat time. I have a long way to go to figure this car out. It's scary.

  9. geez man, sounds like a monster! be careful with it! definitely a car that needs to be respected
  10. Man, I have never been in a super fast Fox before, I would love to go for a ride in that beast! :drool:
    I understand you built it for drag racing and all but with a car that pretty and with that power I would of built it to be a serious corner carver but for the street! Run it in the power tour or something similar. Hope Big Red (Camaro) showes up and just destroy him on he tracks :nice:
    Do the $4500 double a-arm front suspension with a heavily built 8.8 with a 3 link/panhard bar setup and just have a blast....... sorry, I was just daydreaming.
    Can I go for a ride? :D
  11. Yep... come on by :)
  12. i gotta tell u your honesty makes for some good reading, your car is the power in a foxbody we all dream about its funny that LaserSVT asked for a ride cause rick at rnh is building a turbo fox for a client as fast and i planned on askin him for a ride in that fox when its done lol, the funny thing is i dont ever go when offered for rides in other hotrods i like to hold the wheel but im dying to feel the power of these 800HP turbo foxbodys that u and rick explain so well. Enjoy that rocket and be safe hey not sure where your from but are u bringing that stang to Carlisle?
  13. Yikes!

    Something sounds very wrong with your suspension setup. Even with a drag suspension, that should not have happened. The tires have nothing to do with it....as long as they are drag radials. Now if you were running bias ply...I'd say I understand. I'd go over you're suspension again to make sure everything is kosher.

    FYI I’ve slowed down from 140++ with my 15” MT’s with no sway….it’s not the tires.

    Are you still running a front/rear sway bar?
  14. Chris, atleast you realize that car deserves respect, I see so many guys that want big HP but truly have no clue what or how it acts and feels. I would guess with a few more pounds of boost that car makes near 1000HP.

    How much air are in those radials? Like Millhouse said it if starts to sway you may have other issues. You still run P/S right, a swap to manual steering will give you a better feel for the car when steering.

    My plan is to see what kind of power I can make on the dyno with my customers big bore 76mm combo, then tune it for around 600-650HP so it can be street driven.
  15. It is still running p/s. I'm not ready to pull it off, yet. If I can't get this thing sorted out, it'd definitely be worth a try, though. Your customer's car is going to make good power on pump gas. Ultimately, it's going to be limited to the airflow of the turbo. I was getting A LOT of backpressure and I'm running a turbine A/R of 1.15. I think I'm probably better off with a 1.28 or even bigger. Backpressure at 15psi was over 3:1. Other than the turbine, I'm running a 3.5" crossover, and 3.5" downpipe. It stays 3.5 until it splits to the mufflers, and all piping from there back is 3". The mufflers are dynomax ultraflows, which are the straight through design. So, I don't think my piping is restricting anything. That's just a heads up for you. You have even more cubes, and should consider going with a bigger A/R than I did, unless you think something else might be going on with my combo. The backpressure is too high for my liking. I'm going to see what I can do to pull it back down into the 2:1 range or less.

    Which 76 is your customer running?

  16. I gave michael free reign with the suspension, and he did a lot. I don't believe I'm running sway bars at all. In the rear, it's running an anti roll bar and all the other stuff I listed earlier. I can snap a couple of pics. It looks like sex to me. When I talked to him about what happened he said to go reset my proportioning valve, and I think that's a very good idea. He also said to go back through and recheck all of the suspension bolts to ensure that nothing is loose back there. He said that I was good to go in the rear, but that I should tweak the front, which I really don't know how to do, yet. I'm still learning my boost controller, and how to tune with the BS3, though. Plus, I'm trying to work out all of the gremlins, but I'll get there eventually.

  17. For sure check for loose bolts.

    That’s a good point on the proportioning valve. Locking up the rear before the front is rarely a good thing. When I set mine up I did it on a rainy day and had someone watch as I slammed on the brakes repeatedly. I continued to dial the valve until the fronts locked up before the rears…but not so much where I couldn’t lock the rears up at all.
  18. I washed and vacuumed out the car today, and then took it to firestone and had an alignment done. It's a lifetime deal for $150. I figure that I got the better end of that deal. If I get an alignment once a year, I figure I just spent about $5 for each job :).

    On my way back, I got on it one time to see if the car wanted to dance around like it did last night. It didn't. However, it sputtered and back fired. Back at cruise, it ran just fine. I checked my dash and it said I maxed at 13 psi. The EBC says it maxed at 30 psi. WTF? I tend to believe the dash.

    I got on it again, and watched the AFR very closely. It has started to lean out even at part throttle when the boost comes on. I saw it get to 15:1 before I shut it down. Probably only built 4-6 psi of boost. Then I tried again at WOT to see if it's a part-throttle load issue. It isn't. I backed off again at a little over 3000 with the boost and AFR at about the same point.

    So now, I'm going to rip out the EBC and buy an AMS-1000. To hell with the POS Greddy. I'm also going to let Steve Petty in Atlanta take a looksy. I figure he can finish the tune for drivability, and he or someone else can take care of the EBC and finish wiring the MSD 7531 box.

    I got under it today and looked pretty closely at the suspension while it was getting the alignment done. I didn't see anything loose, but I'll definitely get in there and check the bolts when I take it to the autohobby on post and fix the rear main seal leak. I also found that either the power steering pump or one of the hoses on it is leaking. I figure I can hit all of that up at the same time. but first, I'm more concerned with the tune and the lean condition. So off to Atlanta it goes, hopefully not for long.

  19. The speedo isn't hooked up yet, but 7000 rpm through a 3.73 gear and with a 275/40/17" tire should be about 140mph. It was there in only a few seconds. I guess that's what a 9 second car feels like in high gear.

    3.73 sounds too high of a gear.....you may want to go with 3.27 or 3.08 gear
  20. maybe so, but then again, I've got a little extra RPM to take the car.