331 vs 347

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  1. We all know you can get way more out of a production block than what's recommended. The key is bracing it up correctly. I'm sure if you use a main support and lifter valley braces you will add some much needed strength to it but we all know that regardless of how much you brace it up its gonna have its limits. A Dart block is definately a wise investment hands down. As for 331 or 347...flip a coin. Either one can make serious power with the right combo. Just my $.02
  2. Thats funny, it was my understanding that those extra braces just hold the scrap together after it blows.:shrug: I dont have any personal experience with it though. I just know i have read on multiple forums that they dont add strength, rather just minimize the mess.

    A lot of guys have put a ton of power through stock 302s. Problem is that its like a ticking time bomb. I'd hate to put some pretty heads on top of a stock 302 block and having it blow :bang:
  3. Where is the best place to buy your rotating assembly for a stroker?
  4. Please do not even begin to bring the lies about the lifter valley brace here to this part of stangnet. It is widely known that its a piece of garbage and was nothing more than a smart marketing ploy. You want a lifter girdle... you have one, its called your lower intake. Its held more securely that that stupid lifter valley support. PLEASE don't buy into that hype, I hope you all are smarter than that.
  5. WOOOOW!!!! I had no idea people felt that way about the lifter valley brace/girdle...whatever you wanna call it. I don't have any experience with them but I always thought it was pretty logical what they were meant to do. I stand corrected. Well, does a main support work? Sorry guys, since I lost my car to Hurricane Katrina I've kinda been out of the loop, so I'm not as informed as I used to be. Thanks for the correction, Paul! :nice:
  6. Paul has become angered since I left. I know you had seperation problems but its ok, Im back!
  7. lol

    He did sorta surprise me how aggressive he came out in that post. Usually he's laid back...:Zip2: when it comes to girdles from now on!:Zip2:
  8. My 95 GT had a 302 and my 94 Cobra has a 351. If I had a choice between either Id take the 351 hands down. Im also in the process of pricing out the cost of a 351 shortblock stroked to a 408 w/ my current H/C/I and porting the 185's for a project starting next year. Even with already having the H/C/I its still going to be an expensive project but I think when its all done and in the car and tuned I'll have a Mustang the way Ive wanted one for quite a long time. Its hard to beat additional cubit inch's, it has its initial down falls but over all I would still take a 351 over a 302/347